Season 15 Episode 6

That’s Love, Baby! It Makes You Strong!


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On Zhan Hu, Peih-Gee is feeling confident and thinks that losing the Immunity Challenge on purpose was the right decision and hopes to do it again to vote James out. Over at Fei Long, Todd tells Amanda about the clues for the hidden Immunity Idol hoping to get help to find it. Fei Long wins the Reward Challenge and are all excited and happy about hot baths and have a great time at a tea house. The loss leaves the Zhan Hu tribe frustrated and unsure about "Frosti" and Sherea's loyalty. Meanwhile, Todd approaches James and persuade him to share the Immunity Idol clue and promises to save him. After reading the clue, Todd realizes where the idol is hidden but "Frosti" gets in the way, allowing him to join the idol secret. Todd gives the idol to James and tells him, Denise and Courtney the plan to use it. The Immunity Challenge is a food eating challenge and Zhan Hu wins. The win ruins Todd's plan and the new plan is to vote Sherea out. But Courtney approaches the others in an attempt to change all of that.moreless
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