Season 24 Episode 7

The Beauty in a Merge


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The newly merged tribe wake up and decide on the new tribe name, Tikiano. Tarzan fears that the guys are not part of a solid alliance so he approaches Michael to get him on their side. Although Michael agrees, he's not being truthful with Tarzan. Later, half of Tikiano win a reward of pizza and a secret note. The note reveals that there is still an unclaimed hidden immunity idol. Chelsea fears that someone from the former Manono tribe has an idol because she wants the old Salani to prevail. Jonas later approaches Tarzan when he learns Michael knows of the male alliance. Tarzan doesn't appreciate Jonas' comments and decides to take himself out of the alliance.

Early the next morning while the others are still sleeping, Troyzan successfully finds the hidden immunity idol. Afterwards, the tribe participate in their first post-merge individual Immunity Challenge. The pre-merge Salani alliance seem tight and Jonas is the target for the vote. So when Troyzan tells Jonas their plan, right away he does damage control, repairing his alliance with Tarzan and establish a last minute plan to vote Kat out. But a conversation during Tribal Council may change everyone's plan.

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