Season 22 Episode 9

The Buddy System


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As the merged tribe wakes up, David and Mike applaud Rob's blindside at the previous Tribal Council while Julie sympathizes with Matt's return to Redemption Island. Ralph then approaches the women of Rob's alliance wondering if he's the next to go. The former Ometepe alliance seem to be strong when Grant wins the next Immunity Challenge. Back at camp, Rob is paranoid that David might find another hidden immunity idol after seeing him digging around the tribe flag. Then later at Tribal Council, David and Mike know that being from the former Zapatera tribe means that they will most likely be the next to be voted out. After the tribe returns from tribal, Rob feels that Phillip has proven his faithfulness to the alliance. The next day, the tribe meets Jeff for another immunity challenge and the chance to eat cheeseburgers. The former Zapatera members continue to be at risk of being voted out after Andrea wins the challenge. When Ralph catches some fish, Rob tells the others not to eat any of it, a sign of the power he has over his alliance. But all Rob is thinking about is who should be the next to go and who could potentially give him a jury vote for the win.moreless
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