Season 18 Episode 8

The Dragon Slayer


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Jalapao returns from Tribal Council and while Taj is relieved, Joe is more concerned about his weak relationship with the others along with his infected knee. The rest of the tribe is more worried about an upcoming merge since Timbira has more members than them. On Timbira, "Coach" starts the day with some meditation and warms up to his tribe mates. The two tribes receive tree mail and after they meet, they discover that they have now merged. During their feast they decide on a new tribe name, Forza. After arriving at the campsite, "Coach" approaches J.T. to talk about the game and creates a new alliance along with Tyson. Meanwhile, Joe and Erinn realize one of the immunity idols has already been taken and create their own voting strategy. After the Immunity Challenge, medics look at Joe's infected leg and warn him about the consequences of staying in the game. Back at camp, Tyson's new alliance plans to vote for Brendan but he tells the rest of the tribe that he's voting for J.T.. Suddenly, Jeff Probst approaches the tribe at camp and gives them news about the night's Tribal Council.moreless
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