Season 3 Episode 15

The Final Four: No Regrets

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With three days left in Africa, Kim, Ethan, Tom and Lex are all battling it out to win the title of Ultimate Survivor. As tensions boil and animosity grows, Lex begins to plot against his longtime ally Tom, and Ethan looks back on his time in the game. When Kim wins the first Immunity Challenge (trivia about departed contestants), Tom Buchanan is voted off of the island. On the penultimate day, the final three Survivors meet local tribes and then compete in an endurance marathon of a final Immunity Challenge, which ends with Kim winning once again. Placing the only vote at Tribal Council, she expels Lex Van Den Berghe from the competition. Kim and Ethan are the final two, and after reflecting on their time in the competition and dismantling camp, they head to the final Tribal Council, where the Jury of Kelly, Brandon, Frank, Kim P, Teresa, Tom and Lex return to pass judgement. The final two make speeches trying to convince the jury to make them the winner, and each member of the Jury asks questions, before placing their final vote. Jeff Probst then reveals the votes to the nine former members of Moto Maji. With a 5-2 majority of the votes, Ethan Zohn, the professional soccer player, walks away with the $1,000,000 and the worthy title of the winner of SURVIVOR: AFRICA!moreless
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