Season 17 Episode 11

The Good Things in Life Aren't Easy


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After returning from Tribal Council, Bob is upset that Sugar continues to laugh at Randy for using the fake idol. The next morning, Kenny and Bob are able to get some big fish for the tribe. Later at the Reward Challenge, Jeff shows all the castaways videos from their loved ones. Corinne is not picked to join a team for the challenge and realizes the others are sticking together in their alliance. Bob wins the challenge and while he is watching his video, his wife surprises him from behind a tree. Later, Bob takes his wife to see the camp, then all the other loved ones show up to visit the tribe mates for the afternoon. While Bob and Corinne get Tree Mail, Bob tells Corinne he will make a second hidden immunity idol to fool the others. Meanwhile the alliance at camp discuss voting out Bob next. But after Bob wins Immunity, Corinne tries to use the fake idol to blindside Matty by getting Kenny to switch alliances.moreless
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