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The Marooning


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Jeff Probst is our host and guide as 16 average Americans board the Mata Hari only to later salvage supplies, jump overboard and be marooned on the small uncharted deserted island of Pulau Tiga in the South China Sea off the Malaysian Coast of Borneo for as long as 39 days and nights, where they must survive not only the island, but each other, as every three days, one person is voted off the island and out of the game. In the end, one of these people will outwit, outplay and outlast all the others and win the Grand Prize of $1,000,000 in cash. The 16 castaways are separated into two tribes of eight (Four men and four women each). Wearing orange, the Tagi Tribe consists of Dirk Been, Kelly Wiglesworth, Richard Hatch, Rudy Boesch, Sean Kenniff, Sonja Christopher, Stacey Stillman and Susan Hawk. Wearing yellow, the Pagong Tribe consists of B.B. Andersen, Colleen Haskell, Gervase Peterson, Greg Buis, Gretchen Cordy, Jenna Lewis, Joel Klug and Ramona Gray. In the first three days, the tribes get to know each other, and while B.B.'s domineering attitude annoys some of his tribemates, Richard also begins to get on the nerves of the Tagi camp as he attempts to lead them in a group direction. When Pagong won the first Immunity Challenge (a competition), Tagi had to go to Tribal Council, where they must vote someone off of the island. Despite Stacey's attempts to form a female alliance against 72-year-old Rudy, it was Sonja who was voted off of the island with four of the eight votes. The tribe has spoken.moreless
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Nov 06, 2016
This episode is probably the only one in the entire history of "Survivor" in which one of the players correctly predicted they would win. Watching this episode again recently I forgot that Richard Hatch said in this episode that he would win. Many other players have made such a prediction in the past but none of them were right. In the end I guess you could argue that Richard Hatch lost as well as won. He won the game but then spent time on jail for tax evasion. He said that he thought CBS was going to pay the taxes on his winnings. I don't think so.

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