Season 23 Episode 14

Then There Were Five


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The merged Te Tuna tribe now consists of the five member alliance from the original Upolu tribe. Albert thinks Sophie is becoming more of a threat and feels he is better off taking Rick with him to the final three.

After the Redemption duel, the tribe starts scrambling to figure out who should be voted out of the alliance. Brandon makes an agreement with Albert to vote Sophie out, while Sophie tells Coach that Brandon should be sent to Redemption. Later, Brandon interrupts a private conversation between Coach and Albert and on top ofthe previous comments made by Brandon's father, Coach thinks Brandon should go. But when Brandon wins immunity, there must be a change of plans. Albert becomes an easy target after some of his lies are exposed to the tribe, but Brandon is willing to give up his immunity and forgive him.

Before Tribal Council, Coach is conflicted as to how his vote should go.

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