Season 19 Episode 15

This Game Ain't Over


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The final five wakes up and gets tree mail telling them to prepare for the next immunity challenge. All of the former Foa Foa members are determined to beat Brett and vote him off. But after Brett wins immunity, one member of the former Foa Foa tribe will join the jury for the first time. Russell wants to keep Natalie around and approaches her to see who should go, either Jaison or Mick. After the first tribal council, the final four are Brett, Russell, Mick and Natalie. The next morning, Russell tells Brett that he would take Brett to the final three. After tree mail, the tribe remembers all their former tribe mates voted out before them and then participate in their final immunity challenge. When Russell wins the challenge, he contemplates if Brett really should be the one to go. When the last three tribe mates return to camp and enjoy a breakfast, Russell is feeling very confident that the jury will vote for him. That night, the three face the questions and comments from the jury before they vote for the winner.moreless
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