Season 11 Episode 14

Thunder Storms & Sacrifice


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The final four witness a Mayan ritual in their camp but when the Mayans leave the ruins, Stephenie, Lydia, and Danni resort to eating the sacrificed chicken, spelling bad luck for the finalists. The players then go to the next Immunity Challenge, where Rafe wins and Lydia is voted out at Tribal Council. The next morning, the remaining Survivors pay tribute to the people that have been voted out. The final Immunity Challenge results in Danni's victory, who is approached by Rafe, who tells her that he releases her from any promises that she had made to him, allowing her to choose freely between either him or Stephenie for the Final Two. Danni chooses Stephenie to sit next to her in the last Tribal Council, which irks the ousted Rafe. The jury later asks their questions to Steph and Danni, and live, the final reading of the votes takes place in Los Angeles, where Danni wins in a landslide victory.moreless
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