Season 7 Episode 2

To Quit or Not to Quit

Full Episode: To Quit or Not to Quit


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The Morgan Tribe was having a hard time sleeping during night 3, and this caused them to lose the Reward Challenge. Drake won reward and won a piece of a map for their buried treasure. The Drake tribe also got to steal one item from the Morgan tribe. They sent Sandra and she chose to get their tarp, annoying the members on Morgan. Osten then told to the whole tribe that he wants to quit and Tijuana tries to calm him down. Back at Drake, while fishing, Shawn loses the fishing spear which angers Rupert. So Rupert goes out on a search to look for the spear head and is successful. At the Immunity Challenge, Morgan loses immunity and a 5-2 vote caused Ryan S. to be the second voted out.moreless
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