Season 20 Episode 5

Tonight, We Make Our Move


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After the Villains return from Tribal Council, Coach is very offended by Sandra's comments that he is lazy around camp. He confides in Tyson and tells him he doesn't feel liking sticking around anymore. The next morning, Rob apporaches Coach to try and make him feel better about his position on the tribe. The tribes get tree mail which allows them to choose the reward they want to play for at the Reward Challenge. The Villains win their reward and while investigating it, the tribe stumbles upon a clue for the hidden immunity idol. Then, when Sandra tells the others that Russell went to look for the idol, everyone agrees he is the next to go. Meanwhile, the Heroes find their own clue to the idol and right away everyone searches for it. Tom ends up finding it and when Amanda sees him take it, she tells everyone. Since Tom and Colby are not in any alliances with the other heroes, they hope the idol will change their game. The Villains win the Immunity Challenge and when the Heroes return to their beach, at first everyone agrees that either Colby or Tom should go. But J.T. wants them both to stay and thinks Candice should go instead. However, Cirie does not agree with that plan and continues to try and get either Colby or Tom out. As a result, J.T. realizes that Cirie is a pretty powerful player and thinks maybe she should go instead of Candice.moreless
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