Season 1 Episode 6

Udder Revenge


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As Tagi and Pagong prepare to merge into one tribe, both teams are looking to the future, but not all of them will make it there. As Rudy finally agrees to join with Richard, Susan, and Kelly as the fourth member of the Tagi Alliance, the Pagong females are enraged when Gervase makes a nasty comment comparing girls to cows, and were even angrier at Joel for congratulating him on making the sexist remark. Also, as Pagong strategizes, Susan makes her decisions about who she wants to get rid of, and Gretchen shocks her tribemates with a surprising remark. Pagong wins the Reward Challenge, but are shocked to find the chickens they won in the last contest have been eaten by a lizard. To add to their sorrows, Pagong loses the final tribal Immunity Challenge, and are sent to Tribal Council, where Joel Klug, the 28-year-old traveling salesman from Arkansas, is voted off of the island. The tribe has spoken.moreless
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