Season 22 Episode 12

You Mangled My Nets


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Steve shocks everyone on Redemption Island after Ralph's arrival meaning that the majority of the jury will be from the Zapatera tribe. The "Ometepe Six" then return from Tribal Council and Natalie bursts into tears after feeling a mixture of homesickness and the realization that now the tribe has no choice but to turn on each other. The next morning, Tree Mail has everyone emotional while they watch videos from their loved ones. After being the first to win the Redemption Island duel, Mike gives up the chance to spend time with his Mom in order to allow family time for all the members of Murlonio. The tribe returns from an exhausting Immunity Challenge and they all seem to agree that Andrea is the next to go. But after Phillip starts to annoy the other tribe members, Rob is thinking twice about who to vote out.moreless
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