Season 28 Episode 5

We Found Our Zombies

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 2014 on CBS

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  • The previous chapter's Tribal Council causes unrest at camp which ultimately drives Lindsay to leave the game much to the delight of everybody else.

    Usually I do not have much sympathy for players who decide they want out. After all many of the quitters claim to be big fans of "Survivor" and have watched from the beginning. Therefore they should have some idea how difficult the game is. In this case I did not feel that way. For some reason or another I found myself felling a little proud of Lindsay. The main reason for that is her conversation with Jeff as to why she wanted to leave. When she told Jeff that she felt that if she stayed she would do or say something that might make her daughter feel shamed of her, I felt that was noble and actually felt a little sympathy for her. It sort of reminds me of Jenna Morasca who quit "Survivor: All Stars" to be with her mother on her death bed. I know this sounds a little cornball, but I like that Lindsay thought not of herself but of the person who matter most to her. That's a breath of fresh air in a show that features a lot of greed and selfishness. It helped to make "We Found Our Zombies" the best episode of the season up to this point.
  • Very good!

    Interesting as usual, with a lot in one episode. First off the Lindsey quit - good riddance. She was a brat for the most part and celarly lacked the resilience to win this game. She jumped at the first sign of troubel. Goodbye, go away.

    The other really interesting part was Ton'y and his blatant celebration after the IC win. That was really stupid - I feel like that is coming back and gonna cost him and Solana the game. From the next preview, I sure wish that Sarah jumps ship, but I don't believe she is going to. And that is probably because of that abrasive celebration.

    Also I'm sad to seee Alexis go home _) I wish Jeremiah was out, he is boring. Alexis was fun. She will be intensely missed.

    I look forward to the merge, although I was hoping for a merge at 10 or later, but sadly Survivor is getting too predictable. I hope its not a Final 3 with jury of 8 - I don't like that setup. I prefer 9 jurors with the F3, or really an F2.

    We shall see! :P
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