Season 21 Episode 15

What About Me?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 19, 2010 on CBS
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Coming back from Tribal Council, the alliance of Chase, "Sash" and Holly seem strong and before the next challenge, they all agree that "Fabio" is the next to go. But "Fabio" wins the first Immunity Challenge and attempts to break the alliance. He thinks Holly is a bigger threat than Dan, but Chase refuses to vote for her and later that night at Tribal Council, the alliance of three remains intact. The morning after Dan is voted out, the final four set off on the Rites of Passage, remembering their former tribe mates until they arrive at the their final Immunity Challenge. "Fabio" then wins his third challenge in a row and couldn't be happier when they return to camp. Holly and Chase admit to "Fabio" that if he had not won immunity, he indeed would have been the next to go, while "Sash" lies and says he would have stuck with him all the way. At the next Tribal Council, "Sash's" lies are exposed to the others and Holly does not survive the vote. The final three men in the game return to camp and the next morning enjoy a huge breakfast with their tree mail. They burn down their shelter and head to the final Tribal Council to answer the jury' questions.moreless

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  • The twenty-first season ends with Sash, Chase and Jud (aka Fabio) making their case at the final Tribal Council for the $1 million prize. Chase is the favorite as the final votes are read, but hold your applause.moreless

    There have been better finales to previous seasons of Survivor but the season twenty-one finale was entertaining right up until Jeff Probst read the final votes. The producers of the show made a good choice in the order in which Probst read the votes. It did it's job in creating a little suspense. Aside from that however, there really isn't much to say about the rest if the episode. It was pretty obvious how things would go. It was stated at the beginning if you don't win immunity, you would be voted out. No surprise. See you at Redemption Island.moreless
  • Sash isn't Russell...Unfortunately the choice was obvious...

    Sash couldn't stop Fabio unlike Russell who utterly destroyed Brett...

    But amg...4 ppl actually voted for Chase... seriously...I think Marty put it the best about Chase...Dan had a small chance but seeing that Fabio won it was pretty much straightforward...But i'll be honest, I didn't expected Sash to get to final 3...I thought he would be the one eliminated at final 4...Unfortunately he's statement was pretty week and he got owned by Chase which was embarrassing...He couldn't do what Russell did two seasons ago...

    Regarding the new season's concept that's gonna be crazy...Another exploit possibly...Hope Russell will be on...

    This was a weak season in my opinion, for the fool hearted who finally got their wish and the young prince won, and the weak demon got vanquished...moreless
  • Dan = weak. Chase = paranoid. Sash = arrogant. Holly = likeable. Fabio = clueless. I guess that just sums up the awfully low calibre of 'Survivor: Nicaragua'.

    This episode was very interesting. Whil I did enjoy watching this episode, it was evident the entire time how weak and pathetic these competitors are. The first ridiculous move was opting not to take Dan to the Final Three, when you are basically guaranteed to beat him (unless your name is 'sash').

    The second ridiculous move was made several episodes ago, when they decided to keep Fabio around. I think Fabio was clearly a greater threat than Benry (who was awful with puzzle-related tasks) and our lovely cast could not identify that. This allowed Fabio to get a simple run to the gold.

    The third complaint I have is regarding the contestants who got this far. You have some great players this season (Jill, Alina, Marty, Brenda, NaOnka (although the latter left of her own accord)) who deserved to make it to the end much more than people like Dan, Chase, Sash and Fabio. Holly is the only one who should've been there.

    Anyways, I can't be disappointed with the Fabio win/. While Holly was my clear favorite, after her exit, I was cheering for Chase, although I was basically neutral between any outcome other than Sash. I was pretty much sure that Fabio would win, but I was immesnely surprised that Chase snagged no less than 4 votes, considering the fact that even Hoolly didn't vote for him

    Here's to looking forward to the next season, which will hopefully be better than this one!moreless
Jud Birza

Jud Birza

Himself (Season 21)

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Marty Piombo

Himself (Season 21)

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Jane Bright

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Dan Lembo

Himself (Season 21)

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Holly Hoffman

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NaOnka Mixon

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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • During the Rites of Passage walk the final four took recalling and collecting wooden shields representing the names of all the voted out people, each shield is painted red, blue or yellow according to the person's tribe. In the case of NaOnka and Kelly, who quit, their shields were black.

    • "Sash" joins Russell from "Heroes vs. Villains", Mick from "Samoa", Stephen from "Tocantins", Sugar from "Gabon", Cassandra and Dreamz from "Fiji", and Becky from "Cook Islands" as the only contestants to reach a final and not receive any votes to win.

    • For the first time in the show's history, the final three are all males. Furthermore, they are all from the original younger tribe and therefore, in the battle of young versus old, the young tribe won.

    • At 21 years old, Jud replaces Todd from "Survivor: China" (who was 22) as the youngest winner of "Survivor".

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Sash: Fabio and Chase, I really don't think they deserve to be in the final three because I do really think I have played the best strategic game.

    • Chase: Sash will do whatever it takes to get himself further in the game. I've always kind of thought maybe he's that but now after Fabio said that, he's definitely a snake.

    • NaOnka: (during Rites of Passage Walk) I quit the game and I'm not afraid to say that but I always had a smile. I was friendly and I had a very strategical game. I'm not trying to toot my own horn but I was literally the smartest player in the game...and the craziest.

    • Sash: Everything, at the moment, is going according to plan. I love how things are playing out because right now I truly believe that every single person left will take me to the end no matter who wins the final immunity challenge.

    • Dan: (after being voted out) I wish them the worst and I can't wait to cast my vote.

    • Jud: I'm not very comfortable going to tribal council without a necklace right now but I got to be cool right now. I can't let on that I'm playing the game.

  • NOTES (4)