Season 7 Episode 7

What the...? Part I

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2003 on CBS

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  • Outcasts return. Revenge is sweet

    I was so shocked when Morgan and Drake were weakening and when the twist shocked the castaways, I was like, "About Time! Something good has finally happened." Die Jerks Die. Revenge is sweet indeed, I was glad that someone who was out of the game is coming back in the game. Then The Outcasts kick the Drakes and the MOrgans. I have never seen a team so happy before and now two of them will come back and regardless they'll make the jury. Shawn leaves and Osten quits at last. So shocking. The challenge: No one can win with Burton around. He's so strong. Finally a twist
  • Past has come back to haunt you!

    Well as host Jeff Probst tells the two tribes
    Their past is indeed come back to haunt them
    As members that they have already booted off
    Come back as the Outcast tribe
    And taking advantage of being the third tribe
    They make both Morgan and Drake go to tribal council
    In a first, Osten who thought to be strong and atheletic, quits the game
    As his Morgan teammates voted in a reluctant way
    Jeff Probst you can tell is very mad
    That Osten could had went all the way
    He didn't know what Osten was thinking at all!