Season 25 Episode 10

Whiners are Wieners

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2012 on CBS

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  • A little hard to watch.

    I'm probably just about Abi's biggest fan because she adds so much to what has already been a phenomenal season, but I feel as though she got so much undue hate all of which basically started from Pete's actions by stowing the HII clue in RC's bag to start the huge fight.

    Denise was out of control over the top at Tribal Council. Pretty much spitting on a dead bosdy, and then doing it all over again. There was no need for multiple analogies about why Abi is the most hated person ever, such as "playing poker with someone who has never played poker just to steal their money" and what not.

    Also, I can't understand Penner - he decides NOT to take u p Skupin/Lisa's offer of a Final Four alliance? That is just insane - Penner 3.0 is broken and needs to be taken to the repair shop. This guy has lost his semi-brilliant gameplay since the Cook Islands.

    Pete deserved to go, but I hope Abi can continue on for a while longer, even though she has less than no shot at winning. Hopefully Lisa can take the million!
  • Abi's inability to keep her mouth shut and not upset the tribe costs her big time at Tribal Council.

    Jeff Probst himself has said during the course of the current season he has seen Tribal Council's like no other in all the years he has hosted "Survivor". I could not agree more. I had no sympathy at all for Abi as she was slammed by the tribe. I loved seeing her get her comeuppance. However in all fairness I have to give her credit for being smart enough to use her immunity idol. Though there would have been a second vote if she had not used it (Both she and Pete received three votes.), she made the right call and saved herself at least for the moment. Now all targets are on her knowing that she has used her idol. However Penner has managed to keep himself alive after using his, so maybe Abi is not done just yet.