Season 13 Episode 8

Why Aren't You Swimming?!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2006 on CBS
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Nate was kidnapped at the last Tribal Council and spends the night on the Aitu tribe, while Yul seems to have his booting order all planned out with Ozzy being the first on the list.

The two tribes meet up to compete in the Reward Challenge, where they are given a Survivor Catalogue full of rewards to choose from. Aitu wins the reward and Nate goes back to Raro.

Adam spends an awful night on Exile Island and Aitu discuss the challenge and their other tribemates.

At the Immunity Challenge, Aitu lose and face the vote at Tribal Council.moreless

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  • Ep 7: Ozzy hunts, Flicka scrambles

    This week's episode was fun, but ultimately ended in a predictable way. Not every episode can be barn-burner in the end, and with Flicka getting voted off, the Yul/Becky/Candice/Jonathan alliance continues to hold strong in Aitu.

    Backing up a little bit: at the beginning of the episode, it seems like Aitu still has all the momentum. We have Ozzy bringing in food like he's heading to the grocery store, and they seem to win just about every challenge. Back at Raro, things are typically chaotic, with nobody really stepping into a leader position and everyone just sort of waiting for the merge.

    After Aitu loses Immunity, it seems like there could be a big shift in gameplay from Yul and Becky. Flicka tries to convince everyone that Jonathan is untrustworthy and that they should vote him out. Now, the episode is edited in a way that makes it seem like people are considering her proposition, but once again, it shows that the edits don't always tell the full story. The tribe unanimously votes out Flicka in a vote that's not too surprising.

    It will be interesting to see how soon Jonathan is out. I agree that he is certainly playing and scheming 100% of the time, but whereas Yul and Becky scheme, they're subtle about it, which means Jonathan's neck may be on the block next.moreless
  • Good episode!

    Cook Islands continues to deliver with a lot of excietment! Today's Tribal wasn't exactly the most unpredictable but nonetheless a lot of things went down which leaves the tribe kinda fragile and they need to band together.

    I can't stand Ozzy, he's annoying as hell. But it was Penner in the hot seat against Jessica and I think they believe he adds more value to the tribe. We shall see!

    Looking forward to more! Poor Adam got a real beating oN Exile.moreless
  • I'm better at puzzles and you can trust me,

    I don't care how "wonderful" Ozzy is, he gets on my nerve. I still think about his throwing the challenge way back in episode 2 (i think). If he had said, "You can trust me" to me, I'd have laughed. I don't get why Brad thought the stupid puzzle was more important than taking the place of what's her name who first of all, couldn't swim and couldn't keep her bikini top on (sure, not her fault but, if it was the right size, it wouldn't have fallen off). After watching Brad swim during the second challenge, I had to laugh...if he had swam before, they would have had a better chance to win. Something about Nate bothers me. I'm not sure what it is but he just annoys the crap out of me. I'm sure it's just me...I'm such a nitpicker about things.

    So Flicka gets the boot. I don't know why she wasn't well liked...I read a few forums and they were less than kind to her. Eh, she didn't bother me one way or the other. I wish Ozzy would have gone home. I don't care if he gets food or not, he's not trustworthy first of all and most importantly he is good enough and is a threat. He looks real nice sans shirt but if I can't trust gotta go.moreless
  • Flicka gone...finally!

    This was a good episode, mainly because Flicka is outta there. I was glad to see finally win an challenge, it was just a great bonus that it was an immunity challenge. What is with Ozzy, he's part monkey, dolphin and new nickname for him is Mogli hehe. I couldn't believe Brad tho, "I'm better at puzzles" Ha, they could've won if he had swam in the reward challenge. And kudos to Parvati for swimming her butt off, you're awesome girl! I'm really not sure who is going next, I think Ozzy is going to be a hard one to beat in the individual immunities once they merge...but he's essential for the team right now, when it comes to food and eating. I'm hoping that Johnathan is the next one to go, he just gets on my nerves...very shady character. Looking forward to the next episode!moreless
  • Flicka's flame goes out!

    Where Flicka got voted out as people thought Jonathan should

    Had been voted out but they had to vote as

    A team as Aitu lost their first immunity challenge in awhile

    Not counting the double tribal council as Adam spent a miserable night on EI

    Had Aitut found the pieces of the puzzle they would had won another immunity challenge but they got very confused.

    Here's hoping Raro will start winning but they are getting sick of Brad it seems.moreless
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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • GOOF: When Jessica and Candice are walking into the woods after the challenge, Jessica asks Candice if she's thought about who she'll vote off if they have to go to tribal council. Considering they had just lost the immunity challenge, they would have known they were going to vote someone off. If you look at Jessica's hair in this scene, she's wearing it on the side the way she was before they went to the immunity challenge, so this scene must have been filmed earlier.

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    • Nate utters the title of this episode when he asks Brad why he's choosing not to do the swimming part of the reward challenge, even though he's one of the strongest members of Rarotonga and certainly would have swum better than Rebecca.