Season 13 Episode 11

Why Would You Trust Me?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2006 on CBS
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On Raro, some people aren't very happy with Jonathan's directions at camp. Later, the five Raro members and the four Aitu members merge into one tribe called Aitutonga.

The Aitu members feel vulnerable, so Yul creates a plan to get Jonathan to flip sides. Jonathan later becomes the swing vote at Tribal Council. He decides to betray the Raro tribe and join the Aitu alliance to vote out Nate.moreless

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  • Ep 10: The two tribes merge, Jonathan reverse-mutineers.

    As expected, the merge happens in this episode, and once again, Yul, Becky, Ozzy and Sundra are left at a disadvantage, forced to make some big moves or risk getting picked off one by one.

    As it turns out, and as it has been proven time and time again, Yul is a pretty intelligent player, and he quickly figures out how to exploit Jonathan. Basically, Yul is the first one to go, according to Raro, so he plays his hidden immunity idol, Jonathan is going to be the first person gone.

    Yul waits until after Ozzy wins Immunity to show Jonathan the idol. Jonathan knows that with Ozzy receiving immunity, Yul is next to go, and if that happens, Jonathan will go. As a result, Jonathan jumps ship for the second time and goes with Yul.

    Now, Jonathan could've told Raro about the idol, and they could've voted Becky off instead, forcing Yul to play his idol and getting rid of one of their members. However, Jonathan seemed to think this was the way to go, even though there's no way any single person on the jury would vote him in.

    The only other thing worth commenting on is Adam and Candice. First of all, Adam is annoying as all get out, and I'd be perfectly happy with him taking a hike. However, Candice is a strong player. She proves herself time and time again at challenges, and even though she was a mutineer before the merge, she's good at maneuvering her way through the game.moreless
  • Fascinating merge!

    This was a game-changer. Aitu are still in the minority but it is a much larger minority now, and that HII is almost enought o get them the numbers.

    There is just so much drama goin g on! It is a huge shame since I love the Raro tribe and its members. I like Aitu as well except Ozzy, and I worry he could dominate. I don't want ot see that happenn...

    It was a just shockingly huge ending! What an episode! Looking forward to the fallout!moreless
  • Loved it!

    The brats got blindsided! Yeehaa! Nate was the dumbest of them all, but I would actually have liked Candice, Parvati or Adam gone first. They are all just slimy beings, like parasites. When Candice and Adam kissed I just felt sick to my was like seeing vultures feeding off each other.

    Go Yul/Ozzy-team! Just pick them off one by one. And please do it with no mercy. These brats would walk over corpses without a blink...just take them out please.moreless
  • Survivor at its best thanks to mastermind stratigist YULL!

    I watched the early seasons of survivor, maybe 4 full seasons and then an episode here and there.. then I just lost interest. Recently, with season 13, I start watching again from the start. I am glad I did if not just to see this episode. Wow! What a fantastic episode with so much going on. A complete turn over. This is in my opinion the best episode of survivor I\'ve watched so far. Great players and great planning with YULL at the helm. The thing about YULL stratgy is that he is doing it without losing his intergrity. He might be the most honest player to ever play the game not to mention one of the smartest (If not the smartest).moreless
  • Aito and Raro finally merge

    As it goes, the game is going exactly how I wanted it too, now Aito outnumber Raro thanks to the fact that Jonathan switched teams and Nate was sent home.

    Personally I didn't like Nate, he is very arrogant and should have predicted that it doesn't always go according to plan. Which also makes Raro very stupid, they had a plan to vote out Yul and not thinking whether or not he had the idol, even which Jonathan brought it up.

    I was really glad that Jonathan changed sides, as I can't stand Raro, they are so stupid. Especially Candice, how stupid can you be swapping sides and back stabbing your own team when you had a good alliance? she deserves to go. If the game continues this way and all Aito is in the finals, I would be very happy. Yul, Becky, Ozzy and Sundra all deserves to win.moreless
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Adam Gentry

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • This season is the fourth season of Survivor to not have a merge with 10 people left. Survivor: Thailand had a merge with 8 people left. Survivor: All Stars, Survivor: Cook Islands and Survivor: Palau all had merges with 9 people left.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Adam: Bananas. Makes you think all the time. Bananas.

    • (During immunity challenge where they must hang onto a wooden pole)
      Jeff Probst: Where are you feeling it Jonathan?
      Jonathan: My feet a little bit. My feet are a lot bigger so, the little bit of rope is. . . just hard I guess, I don't know.
      Yul: I think Jonathan has a point though.
      Jeff Probst: What's that?
      Yul: Well basically the surface area supporting all of us is about the same, even if your feet are a little bit bigger or not. But you know your mass goes up at a faster rate then surface area. It's kind of like why elephants can't run up trees.
      (Contestants and Jeff Probst laugh)
      Jeff Probst: Just what I was thinking!
      Yul: Ughh, I'm never gonna get a date again.

    • Jonathan: Either I would betray the Raro people and I'm a complete bastard, or I didn't jump over to the Aitu people and I'm a complete bastard!

    • Nate: (final words) It hurts to leave this early in the game. Jonathan, kiss my ass. You're a dirty, stanky, and wack fruitcake who sold me out. You sold out our tribe when we brought you in, you traiting bastard, so kiss my ass, Jonathan. Other than that, everyone I love, but that's how it's gotta be in this world.

    • Jonathan: (to Yul) Why would you trust me?

    • Parvati: Smart people are sexy.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Four pre-merge Raro tribe members have been voted out in a row. They are Brad, Rebecca, Jenny and Nate. Mutineers Candice and Jonathan have survived four straight tribal councils since their mutiny.

    • No one was sent to Exile Island and there was no reward challenge in this episode.

    • Nate was voted out of the newly merged tribe.

    • Ozzy wins the first individual immunity.

    • The merged tribe's new name is Aitutonga. Nine people make the merge this season. They are Adam, Candice, Parvati and Jonathan of the original Raro tribe, Nate and Sundra of the original Hiki tribe, Ozzy of the original Aitu tribe, and Becky and Yul of the original Puka tribe.