Season 3 Episode 8

Will There Be a Feast Tonight?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2001 on CBS

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  • Intense indeed!

    A really good episode with a rather unexpected outcome. I was expecting the Borans to stick together and get rid of a member of the old Samburu, but that was not the case in a clearly interesting move.

    I really enjoyedt the Immunity Challenge - it went on for so much time and so long! Increidble stuf, truly!

    Next week looks promising with Lex trying to figure out who voted or him. I'm interested to see how that plays out!

    Looking forward to more!
  • Kim the young one and Brandon are so useless. Why don't you get rid of them?!

    So, ok, they got rid of Clarence. But what about Kim young one and Brandon? Did they completely forget that they are useless, false, and ready to start plotting and scheming? Frank is being left out. It's his fault though, he could make an effort to mingle. Lex is annoying and dumb too. That whole thing of him saying to Clarence that he was going, and that was nothing personal, I just found that arrogant and cocky. I agree with Kelly said. Does telling Clarence about the plan that Lex already had from quite long means that Lex was being honest? No. If he wanted honesty, he should have been honest from the beginning. He acted behind his back, to be sure that he was really going, and then he told him. I don't find it really honest. Especially because he didn't mean any of it. I was glad Teresa won Immunity. I feel like, although she bonded with Kim old one and Ethan, she is probably the next to go. Just keep it going!

    Stay tune!
  • Clarence is indeed a liar and a thief

    I think that Lex has something up his rear if you ask me
    Just didn't like him in Africa though I liked him a bit in All-Star Survivor. Clarence, Lex was afraid of him having immunity and that he would be such a threat.
    But also he couldn't be trusted at all.
    Well, Lex shouldn't had told him he would be outsted but then again, that is Lex being Lex!