Season 16 Episode 1

You Guys Are Dumber Than You Look

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2008 on CBS

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  • Ep 1: Fans vs. Favorites! The favorites (unsurprisingly) are funner to watch!

    It's always interesting when Survivor brings back former players. It's hit or miss (in my opinion), because sometimes, the players who impressed you the first time fizzle out, while other times, they find new ways to maneuver through the game.

    I'll get to the Fans tribe later, because there were just too many ridiculous things going on with the Favorites. First off, I thought it was a good mixture of players from previous seasons. We got some villainous players (Jonathan, Jonny Fairplay), the more honorable players (Cirie, Yau-Man), the strong competitors (Ozzy and James), and those wild cards that are strategic above anything else (Amanda, Ami, Eliza, Parvati).

    However, I have no idea what the hell Jonny Fairplay was thinking. For a guy who could've easily used his villain status to twist the game into knots and possibly make it to the end, he comes up with this barely sensible plan to pretend to want to be voted off the island so that the Eliza/Jonathan alliance will be blind-sided when he sides with the other tribe.

    The problem is, I don't think anybody (including Jeff) understood what he was doing. For a guy that seems to enjoy the game and the lying it entails, he doesn't seem all that interested in being there. But at the same time, it seems like he tried creating a convoluted plot to twist things up and became a victim of it.

    Over the Fans side: as usual, when a tribe wins Immunity, we get very little focus on them in the back half of the episode, which means everything we learn about the tribe is at the very beginning. For the most part, there are no stand-outs, except for Kathy, and she stands out for all the wrong reasons. First off, she seems confused at Chet, who just so happens to be gay. First off, she acts like gay men and women are a different species, which is horrific to listen to. Second, she seems incapable of not sticking her foot in her mouth. OF COURSE she gets the first hidden immunity idol. We get at least two weeks of stupidity to look forward to with her. We also get the Ozzy wanna-be and the James wanna-be. I'll wait until we get further in the season to make a decision on these new players.
  • Not a bad start! I've only seen Ozzy, Parvati, Jonathan, James, Amanda and Cirie before (and the last three were later on in HvV) but I like this concept!

    Decent start to an interesting concept! I lovethe idea of Fans vs. Favorites, and I especially love to seee Parvati here!

    The rapidity at which alliances developed in the game on the Favorites side was rather startling! There is alreadya 404 split, with Cirie seemingly in the middle.

    The challegne was a good one! I love it when they can successfully combine a rather tricky puizzle and a physical challenge lall in one! That is great to see!

    The Tribal was rather anti-cliamtic. I was expecting an interesting tight vote, but when Fairplay wanted to go home, it became a little broing.

    I hope the season goes upwards from here. A show tonight which was avarage, but I am hoping that it will go up!
  • I missed Parvatti and Yau-Man!

    This season is going to be amazing, just like All-Stars was. I was so glad and happy when I saw Yau-Man! He deserved to win in Fiji, and now he gets a second chance. I really didn't like the fact that Jonathan is back. I hated him in Cook Islands. And he hasn't changed at all! He has the same arrogant and cocky attitude, and I can't stand him. I'm hoping he goes next.
    Really loved the first scene when they are all crossing the sea, so anxious to get that Immunity Idol!
    The Fans, they really seem fun and crazy. And they are really good too. I was glad they won the Immunity challenge, especially because the Favorites were really arrogant, and they should have known that arrogance has its price.
    Since I just finished watching Survivor:China, I was kind of surprised by Amanda. I feel like she's different, kind of playing the flirt thing, like Parvati. She was so focused on China, and I think she was kind of lost in this first episode.
    Parvati is just so fun. I loved her in Cook Islands. Especially because she looked like she was always dumb, but she almost got to the final 3. And I think she will manage it again!
    It is too early to predict anything, but I'm loving this season so far. I was so glad Johnny Fairplay was voted out. He is probably the most false and backstabbing player of Survivor! If they didn't vote him out, he would eventually lie, cheat and betray all of them.
  • The 16th season of Survivor begins in Micronesia, where this time 10 fans of Survivor and 10 favorite previous contestants of Survivor compete for the 1 million dollars. The new alliances are formed and there is a new twist on Exile Island.

    This was a pretty good episode that I enjoyed. It was cool to see (some) of the contestants that I was rooting for like Yau-Man and James come back and get another shot. Basically, there is now a rule where two people have to go onto Exile Island once a challenge is lost, and the fans compete against the favorites. I was kind of mad that the favorites lost the Immunity challenge, mainly because they were overly confident, but I was happy that Johny Fairplay got voted out. He got annoying this time around. This episode was good, but seemed like that it was basically the same as other season's pilot episodes. But it still left many doors open for..."plot twists"!
  • I love the cast and the alliances forming, it looks like this will be a good season.

    I love the fan vs. favorite idea for this show. It should be really interesting to see which side does better. I loved the group of favorites they selected. They are all really memorable and I routed for most of them on their seasons. I also like how two alliances are forming. I think I'm going to route for Yau-man's alliance. I enjoyed seeing couples form, but it doesn't seem like they are very focused on the game. I loved how Jonny Fairplay feel in the middle, and was already lying, even though it wasn't even necassary. It was interesting to see how his life had changed and how he needed to get home to his family. It was good to have him on the show, even if it was just for a short time. One part of this episode I thought was really funny was how Fairplay kept complaining that Yau-man took his idol. This just made him look like a wimp, by getting physically beat by Yau-man. I notice through out this review I haven't really mentioned the fans. We haven't really gotten to know them yet, but I think their will be a chance for that as the show goes on. The one women seems really strange; I don't get why they always need at least one person like this on the show. The fans did really good in the immunity challenge though. They should be tough competition. The one thing I didn't like about this episode was the immunity challenge. It was pretty clear that the fans were going to win and it was just boring to watch.
  • good start to a new season....

    The favorites play against the fans. I like this idea and this episode showed that it's going to be a promising season. The favorites that I like the most are James, Ozzy, Yau Man!!!!, and that's about it...The fans seem like they have some interesting personalities. I like the big guy and the cross country guy. I think it was weird that Johnny just allowed himself to go. I really don't like him, but I just thought it was weird. Anyways, the location was...hmmmm...I don't remember. Well, there was a lot of water and rain. Ozzy should fit right in. Overall, great episode.
  • Review

    Im one of the people who was a big fan of this idea of half new and half old and after this episode I hope everyone else has come over and join me on the regard. I thought this was a very strong opening episode, with a lot of character devolopment and sharing of the camera. Some of the bigger names got a little bit more of the camera, but thats okay. Its fun watching people play this game again, because you feel like you all ready know them. I was interested to see the two relationships begin to devolop over on Survivor Favorites side. I didnt get the best feel in the world for the Fans, but them seem like a very co-ordinated group and I dont think our Favorites should be taking them lightly. I thought the immunity challenge was very fun to watch, aside from being fairly one sided from the very beginning. Overall, solid opening episode with a lot of high moments to get us going.
  • Fans vs Favorites

    We are paired up with ten viewers favorites from the pastshows except for Guatemala and Palau though former winner Tom Westman was considered but declined. Against ten die-hard favorites who have seen every show since 2000's inception. As I am so glad that Jonny "Rotten" Fairplay has been canned. As he seemed to want to go home. People didn't want to fall for that. Like he did the grandma thing. The favorites really played teamwork and showed the favorites that they were here to play. Not to oooh and awww over the previous seasons' cast. So far, the show is good. And hopefully it will get even better!
  • I was intrigued about this but the choice of some of the favorites were not my favorites. I like the fans, they look like a good selection.

    It was not as well done as it could have been, we do not know the fans as well as we could. We all know the favorites, and they spent too much time on them and not on how they struggled. I do like the fans, I especially like the guy I call the incredible Hulk, in any brute strength challenge he will be a force.
    They need to develop the fans more. They were pretty much glossed over. Also Cirie was missing in most of the scenes and should be watching on the sofa somewhere. If she cannot find someone to latch onto she could go home quickly and I hope she does. The year she was on the show, I refused to watch the finale, as she did not belong there.
    I know someone will not like those comments, but to do nothing for the entire show and get to the final three is not good tv, it is reality tv at it's worst.
    Now that Jonny Fairplay is gone, the show has a much more watchable favorites team, now we lose Cirie and it will be much better.
  • You know? I honestly don't know how I feel about this episode.

    I can't say this was the best season premiere of Survivor. We did not see much character development with pretty much every character.

    On the favorites side, we see a forming of two alliances: Ozzy, Parvati, Amanda, James, and Jonathan, Parvati, Ami, and Yau. Jonny Fairplay is stuck in the middle and is lying once again. We also see Parvati being a flirt and the possible foreshadowing of a Amanda/Ozzy couple. Great? We'll see, but it's definitely not great for me because I have a crush on Ozzy. I definitely like Jonathan right now and what he's doing by keeping a level head with everything. I haven't yet formed an opinion on Eliza yet, but she seems to be a playmaker right now.

    The episode barely showed any fan footage which was disappointing. The only fan scenes we saw were the first 15 minutes and the challenge (congratulations fans)! Kathy seems to be a really random person and quite eccentric. She seems to be the person who will say things without thinking, henceforth the Chet situation. I really don't like her, and by the way. Yau found the hidden immunity idol, not you. ;) Not much else was seen with the fans. I stand by my word that Jason will be a good player. Erik was pretty fast which was good. I like Joel and he looks like he'll be a father to everyone. Mikey B. seems like the life of the party and I can't wait for more footage of him. I really want to see more of Natalie though. I have heard great things about her.

    Mediocre premiere, but I guess that's how all seasons start. But hey, you can't forget Yau-Man tackling Jonny!
  • A good start to a quasi All Star season!

    I'm not sure how this ' Fans vs Favorites ' angle will play out for this season...for this reviewer, either do it all favorites or none at all would be better. Still, things seems to look promising as the Fans tribe don't appear to be totally clueless.

    On the other hand, the ' Favorites ' seem to have a few people who don't remember previous seasons. Parvati and Amanda immediately latched on to the strongest/most athletic guys in the tribe. Good move if they act like Rob/Amber did before but otherwise the people around them will probably split em up fast.

    The first person voted off wasn't a complete surprise..Jonny Fairplay's fifteen minutes of fame ran out long ago. In fact, this reviewer thinks more than a few wrote his name down gleefully.

    Good episode, all in all...hopefully, this will be a great season