Season 22 Episode 12

You Mangled My Nets

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 04, 2011 on CBS

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  • Everything is going according to the plan...

    Meh I'm not a fan of the family reunion episodes... Because people go softer and loose focus...As such, I think Mike was really clever in giving up his visit with his mom for the Omaetepe...The challenge was interesting as it seemed physically demanding and Rob surprisingly won...I thought Grant would win...
    In connection with the elimination vote I think it was the right one...Sending Phillip would have been to no avail, considering he can't really perform in the challenges and Matt, Mike and Ralph would have eaten him alive...With Andrea things might be different...
    For the next vote I think it will be Phillip because he has served his purpose...Rob has the idol and if I'm not mistaken top 5 is the last opportunity to play it...But what really saddens me and has sadden me this entire season was seeing how little interest the players gave to finding the idol...With Russell being forced to leave by a bunch of lame amateurs we were prevented in seeing one of the best seasons ever.