Season 22 Episode 12

You Mangled My Nets

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 04, 2011 on CBS

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  • *Spoilers* Watching Rob almost KILL himself in the immunity challenge made up for the lack of Phillip "That N**ger's Crazy" Sheppard's usual antics...

    Yes, for those of you didn't get the reference Phillip was making, Richard Pryor released an album called "That N**ger's Crazy" in the mid-70's. (For some reason, I seem to recall Phillip getting the title wrong, but whatever.) Of course, A) Richard Pryor was a million times funnier than Phillip could ever hope to be (not to mention he'd probably make a better government agent/soldier/Green Beret Navy SEAL Delta Force Commando whatever Phillip is claiming this week that he was); and B) Richard Pryor was funny in the usual "say something funny" way, while Phillip is like a homeless crackhead (in a city where people haven't become numbed to seeing mentally ill people & wanting to help them) - you can't help but laugh at first while Tweaker Joe talks about Marlon Brandon's role in the Ronald Reagan assassination... but after awhile you just want to get the guy some HELP, ya know? You notice how he never says which "government agency" he was an agent in? Ten bucks says that, say, it was the CIA he distributed mail for? Well, CBS showed rough cuts of these episodes to the CIA to make sure National Security was being breached, and instead the CIA said, "Screw 'National Security' - this n**ga's CRAZY! Look, how's this - we'll let you use the Huey X-923 helicopter in an episode of NCIS, and in return you make sure he NEVER states that he worked for the Company?". Because while the CIA doesn't mind being accused of flooding the ghettos with crack 'n' guns, they draw the line at being associated with "That Crazy N**ga, Phillip Sheppard".

    Oh yeah, the episode, right. Well, kudos to Rob for putting it out there! The ex-NFL player next to Rob may have been in better physical condition, but as hard as he may have tried to win, Rob would have won that challenge if one of his legs fell off! Between being able to control other players & getting them to do his bidding, as well as his physical strength & drive, how could they NOT vote for him?