Season 22 Episode 12

You Mangled My Nets

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 04, 2011 on CBS

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    This was an interesting episode of Redemption Island, with the Ometepe Six finally forced to crumble. The Redemption Island challenge was very interesting, but it seemed like Steve was not very interesting in surviving. I think he just gve up, because an ex-NFL player could've done decently in that challenge.

    The family visist were great as usual, but I always love watching the family members compete at a challenge, so I was disappointed that this didn't happen this time round. However, the Immunity Challenge was phenomenal, and it was extremely tough!

    This was the first episode in a long time that Phillip didn't talk about his Cherokee Great-Grandmather, Justin Harring, is it? Phillip is just so hilarious, and i am glasd to see him survive!

    Andrea was my favorite female, so I am very sad to se e her go. I don't like Ashley, and Natalie isn't particularly great. Rob is not on my favorites list, so that leaves Grant and Phillip, both of whom are very great!

    As for the Redemptions Island, I like Matt and Andrea immensely, but I also like Mike (one of the only likeable Zapateras). I hope Ralph is eliminated and I would be happy for anyone returning from Redemption Island to win the game.

    Can't wait for next week to see what will happen next, and I definitely recommend this episodw!
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