Season 21 Episode 12

You Started, You're Finishing

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 01, 2010 on CBS

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  • Despite having only eleven days to go, NaOnka and Kelly S. (aka Purple Kelly) have decided they have had all they can take and tell Jeff Probst of their intentions to jump ship. As he usually does, Jeff tries to convince them to change their minds.


    I disagree with DERBEST. As great a player as he was, I don't miss Russell Hantz at all. This edition of Survivor started off badly, but has improved. The drama and terrific Tribal Councils are enough to carry the game in my opinion. Who needs Hantz? The great drama continues here, and what makes this episode even better is watching Miss "Nothing intimidates me." fold like laundry day and ask Jeff to snuff out her torch. Seeing how fuming mad Jeff Probst was at NaOnka and Kelly S. for wanting to get out was enough to carry the whole episode.

  • After everyone failed to seal NaOnka's fate, she deciders to seal it herself (ditto, Purple Kelly)

    NaOnka has played the game of Survivor in a grotesque fashion, that no one even decided to vote her off. She had the hidden Immunity Idol, and she has been in a majority alliance ironically called the Minority, which she just threw under the bus to get rid of Brenda. But alas, the rainstorms start to get to her for a second time in 28 days. So she has to dispatch an idol and an alliance. The latter had already been done, so she hands her hidden Immunity Idol to Chase, who will hopefully keep it in better hands.

    With all that done, her team wins a Reward Challenge, and then she tells Jeff Probst that she's quitting the game, because she is a total coward. Jeff goes on the offensive and tells her to think about it and then reveal her final decision at Tribal Council. Just in case she's set on quitting, he sets up a bait for one member of the winning team to give up their reward and bring back tarp and rice to Libertad. When she doesn't take it, Holly steps up and brings a tarp and a supply of rice back to camp. So NaOnka decides to go on a private screening of Gulliver's Travels and devour a concession stand instead of doing something for her tribe, applauds herself for her drive and her strong background, and still quits. Jeff rips NaOnka a new one before going, and since no one had punished her yet, he smuffs, er, snuffs her torch and sentences her to the jury alongside all the people that left prematurely in her place.

    I would have loved to say something about Purple Kelly quitting at the same time as he, but no really ever said anything about her all season long.
  • If only for the precedents set and anger caused...

    Aside from this season (imo) being fairly weak after most of the more interesting players have been voted out, this episode was intriguing. Obviously I'm pissed that players are quitting, but from a pure viewer's standpoint, it was entertaining. Jeff Probst made this episode in some ways. He spoke his mind and gave them both a fair opportunity to quit. He was straight up and showed a bit more personal bite to his remarks than I'd expect. His blog on this episode and the remarks as well will provide you with some entertainment. Overall, the uniqueness in events and Probst's attitude actually overshadows the lack of real gameplay for me this time.

    Naonka's decision to selfishly take the reward knowing she would be home (relatively) shortly thereafter shows... well... nothing we haven't seen. I understand the surprise many people experienced, but if anyone were to do that it would be Nay. So, surprising in an overall sense, but not considering who's involved. I can't help but giggle continuously at anyone who considered Nay to be a contender, especially Nay herself.

    So the game is basically reset, with some benefiting and some wishing they were on a season with non-wimps. At least now it's become a bit more even, but that might be my bias. For myself, it makes it a bit more interesting. I honestly couldn't stand to see a final 4 with Nay's alliance, other than Jane for her sheer determination and age handicap (I mean that with respect), and Naonka herself just for the "love to hate" factor and the possibility of a laugh-worthy final tribal. I'll be shocked if Dan isn't a shoe-in for the final due to his near inability to win the game.

    If I can say one clear thing about this episode (other than the double quit), it's that it makes me very interested in the reunion. Something that, up until now, would've probably been fairly boring. The jury is understandably upset, but that's just how it goes. I understand the desire to bring back a jury member or two, but it's not going to happen.

    Also, the quitters are part of the jury for two reasons (at least).

    1. A late game quitter was on the jury previously.

    2. (my opinion) It would be increasingly unfair to those close to those that quit. They already lose an ally, but to also lose a potential vote as well would cripple most players.

    It's not a perfect system, but Probst mentioned in his blog that changes to the rule surrounding this subject will definitely be looked at now.

    TLDR: Good episode, almost required watching just for the above mentioned positives. Who would skip an episode anyway :-/ Probst shows his angry side +++
  • Just shows what last season was compared to this one...Miss you Russell.

    OK so both Kelly and Naonka lacked experience, main reason why I think they quit, they probably never went camping, they don't know what rain and cold is...But it was better both of them went together because the person who would have changed their mind would have been eliminated in the next episode anyway...The best not to quit arguments came from Jane who showed the situation as it is...Quitting today, when you got little to go is a mistake because it will have a bad effect on your mind, make you get accustomed with the idea that if you don't like something you can just leave and it will be alright...However this episode was good for Sash, I mean let's be honest he would have lost the idol at least had Naonka and Kelly not made a show this episode...
    The scenes from the next episode showed that there was still much debate of whom to go next...Jane might-if she don't win the reward...
    My perception regarding the current situation of the contestants in Survivor is:
    1.Jane-she has a shot on winning.But I think the others clearly start seeing her as a threat.So she can only win as long as she get immunity and/or the idol.
    2.Hollie-clearly has a shot.But she has a bigger shot of being eliminated after what she showed in this episode. She should know that no good deed remains unpunished.
    3.Fabio-small chances to be honest. I don't see him winning the challenges and I think he might be eliminated sooner then he thinks.
    4.Benry-same as Fabio.
    5.Chase-somehow I don't see Chase winning either. He isn't very bright, and let's face it an idol won't make much difference if not played right. He needs a lot of luck.
    6.Dan-might get top 2 because everyone will want to take him in the final, because of the perception that he isn't much of a challenge because he is rich already.He could even win if he gets against someone that the others hate, say Sash.
    7.Sash-I think Sash has the intellect to get final two but he is to clever for his own good.He might mess this up.
  • I honestly don't know what to say. I am in complete disbeliegf. My two favorite players decided to call it quits, yet for some reason, I enjoyed the drama of this episode.

    This was probably the weirdest episode of Survivor that I have seen, within the three seasons that I have now watcehd. The weather, granted, was awful and depressing, but I don't belieeve that you could throw away a one million dollar opportunity for something so trivial.

    NaOnka orchestrated a game-changing move and eliminated Brenda, in my opinion, the only player who had actually came to play. Did NaOnka come here just toget rid of Brend? Is she not tyrying to win?

    Purple Kelly has been a quite enjoyable player, as we have seen very little of her. I think she had an enormous chance to win, as she would have many friends on the jury and many people wouldn't perceive her as a threat.

    I was gobsmacked at the decision to quti. It says something about these people, who were my two favorites going into this episode, after Brenda's elimination.

    I now go to my new favorite, Holly, after that very selfless move at the Reward. I think that this season always had osome really interesting players, but everyone interesting is gone, leaving people like Fabio and Benry who are just clueless, Dan who is literally paralysed and Chase who is paranoid. I hope this season gets better, but I would recommend this episode because of the great drama that it provided. Really interesting...