Season 21 Episode 1

Young At Heart

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 15, 2010 on CBS

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  • Average first episode.The good: few interesting players. The Bad:No more first episodes drama and intrigue Russell Hantz's style.:(

    Without Russell on Survivor it's not the same...but there were some fun characters like Jimmy Johnson...
    Nothing revealing in this episode mostly people trying to create alliances at a small level, which makes it kind of a slow start. As i see it some people really know how to play the game while most are just here to enjoy the ride. Something that puzzled me was why haven't the Older people tribe used medallion. With that advantage they could have won easily. Moreover the people who tried to complete the puzzle were truly horrible.
    Oh well, next episodes should be more exciting. But I must say I really like the NFL Coach play style. And if he won't push it he should make the merge easy.
  • The twenty first season begins with twenty new castaways divided into two tribes based on age. One tribe for the 30 or below players, La Flor, and one tribe for the 40 or above players: Espada.

    It's nice to have a season of "Survivor" that does not feature Russel Hantz. That said, "Young at Heart" is not a spectacular start to the new season, but it is an interesting one at best. The personalities of the respective tribes formed very quickly. La Flor are all over confident. They have no sense of comraderie. All they care about is themselves and not the tribe as a whole. Espada has more of a team mentality, but they dislike one another right off the bat and are easily agitated. Both Jimmys on Espada are good examples of these characteristics.
  • grwteat concept! It's the battle for the 'ages'!

    I really enjoyed the premiere of this new season. It wasn't a magnificent and sensational episode, that's for sure, but it was a very interesting one, as we start to learn about the contestants.

    There are some interesting characters in the mix - such as the "Supercoach", "Fabio" and Kelly with the prosthetic leg.

    I enjoyed the idea of the necklace which gives power in challenges, and I think this will add some more strategy inoto the challenges, instead of just the regular old turn up for the challenge and occompete.

    Definitely looks like a promising season, and I can't wait to see more! Keep it up, Survivor! Now officially 21 seasons strong!
  • Young versus Old.

    I love Survivor, so I was excited for the new season to begin. This episode was a great beginning to what I think is gonna be an awesome season, maybe the best yet. The new concept: Young versus Old is definitely gonna be interesting. Brenda really surprised me when she found the Golden Medallion at the start of the episode. She might be one of the players that lasts awhile. Was also impressed with Jane from the Espada tribe. If she doesn't get on everyone's nerves, I think she could go a long way, maybe make it to the end. I'm really looking forward to the next episode.