Season 22 Episode 1

You're Looking at the New Leader of your Tribe

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2011 on CBS

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  • The twenty second season begins with a new group of people who are joined by two of the game's most celebrated players.


    Survivor returns to Nicaragua. That's not the only thing that has returned. There is no dispute that Russell Hantz and Rob Mariano are two of the best players Survivor will ever see. However I think they have run their course. They have had numerous chances and they have failed every time. I think it's time for them to move on. I hope this is the last time we see the both of them. This episode did give us one of the best Tribal Councils in the entire history of the show. You can rest assured I will tune in again.

  • This season should be called Rob vs. Russell. SPOILERS

    This episode was an awesome beginning to what is going to be an awesome season. Redemption Island is going to rock. The game starts with the people being flown in and separated into the two tribes Ometepe and Zapatera. The Ometepe will wear orange buffs and Zapatera will wear purple ones. Then two more people are flown in to join in the two tribes. Boston Rob and Russel pick a buff out of a bag to choose their team. The tribes are as follows:
    OMETEPE- Boston Rob, Matt, Natalie, Francesca, Andrea, Kristina, Phillip, Ashley, and Grant.
    ZAPATERA- Russell, David, Ralph, Mike, Stephanie, Julie, Krista, Steve, and Sarina.

    Kristina immediately starts looking for the idol amongst the tribe's supplies, which Rob notices. Then she starts planning with Francesca and Phillip to get rid of Rob first. I can't stand Phil, because he is always talking like he is somebody and he's not. Kristina finds O's first hidden immunity idol. Russell starts looking for Z's hidden idol, but Ralph stumbles onto it when he moves some rocks. Zapatera wins first Immunity Challenge. Rus-1 Rob-0
    Kristina tells Fran and Phil that she has the idol. This tribal council was the best that I have ever seen in all the seasons of Survivor. When Francesca says that Rob isn't going home, Phil informs everybody that Kristina and Francescqua (he can't get her name right the whole time he talks about her) plan on sending Rob home. Not only that, he lets everyone know that Kristina has the hidden immunity idol. I do believe that Kristina has made the stupidest mistake by showing Phil that she had the immunity idol.
    Francesca goes to Redemption Island (RI).
  • Nice job Russell, pretty decent play style...Rob is so incredibly lucky.

    So I enjoyed seeing Russell again...You can see he is more focused on the game and ready to advance faster... He even had adoring fans such as Stephanie... However care is required, especially after I saw the scenes from the next episode with this Ralph dude...You can see he's awkward and to me these are by far the most dangerous of all, because he plays the game very original and has no limits... I was satisfied how Russell lead the winning at the Immunity Challenge...He seems really prepared for it, and it puzzled me he played it so cool without looking for the idol...
    Regarding Rob he is probably very lucky, to be surrounded by such stupidity...This Phillip guy seems weird...I can appreciate even more Russell's decision in season 19 to vote out Betsy(who was a cop)...
  • Exciting to see Survivor back, and in my short history of watching this show, this would be the best premiere episode.

    This was a great premiere to Survivor: Redemption Island, and I think the signs aer promising for a great new season, which will hopefully improve on Nicaragua.

    So far, there is nobody I really hate, although Philip seems annoying. I like Stephanie, the girl who created an alliance with Russell, which could perhaps be the best possible move.

    I also liked Kristina, because she seems to be a real player, although she is on the outs with her tribe.

    The Immunity Chllenge was cool, the construction of a temple! Great challenge, and great teamwork by Zapatera, and that sent Ometepe to the Tribal Council.

    I was disappointed to see Francesca voted out, but who knows, she may survive!

    All up, it was a great premire, and positive signs, if you ask me! I hope neither Russell nor Rob wins, but I would like to see Evil Ressull triumph over Rob.
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