Season 22 Episode 1

You're Looking at the New Leader of your Tribe

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2011 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Kristina finds the hidden immunity idol in this episode. Although this is not the first time a hidden immunity idol was found without a clue, it is the first time in the history of the show that the idol was found in the premiere episode of the season (Russell H. found the idol without a clue in the second episode of "Samoa"). It was also the first time that the tribe's votes were not revealed during the credits in an episode with regular game-play in it.

    • This season's cast features the return of Rob M. and Russell. This is Russell's third time on the show and Rob M.'s fourth. It is the first time in the show's history that a contestant has played four individual times. This season also features two former NFL players (Grant and Steve).

    • This season marks the fifth time that previous contestants have returned to play the game after "All-Stars", "Guatemala", "Fans vs. Favorites" and "Heroes vs. Villains".

    • The concept of eliminated contestants being allowed to return to the game was previously used in "Pearl Islands", but was first used in the Israeli and Philippine versions of the show.

    • "Survivor: Redemption Island" was filmed in Nicaragua, making it the second time the show has filmed there. This is the fourth time that a location has been used more than once, after Panama, Palau and Samoa.

    • This season was titled "Survivor: Redemption Island".

  • Quotes

    • Rob: (casting vote for Francesca) It feels so good to play with you amateurs. You give away so much. You don't even know enough to keep your mouths shut. Thanks for the memories!

    • Mike: Any pros of having Russell around have quickly evaporated. He's just going to spread paranoia and be a cancer to the tribe so at this point, there's nothing to be done yet except for the task at hand, which is get Russell gone as soon as possible.

    • David: I think anybody who doesn't think Russell is dangerous is foolish. He's played the game twice and he's ended up in the finals twice. He hasn't won and there's no mystery why he hasn't won. It's the way that he's chosen to play the game both times. He's too aggressive and he wants the blood on his hands.

    • Francesca: (referring to Boston Rob and Russell arriving and standing opposite the other castaways) They're sizing us up like prey.

    • Ralph: We ain't never had a dumbass to win the game, have we? Maybe it's my turn.

    • Russell: Got a little something to say. You know you see it on the TV it seems easy but I promise you, you're about to experience the toughest thing that you've ever been thrown into our lives. I'm not here to sabotage anything from nobody. If I comeback and did something like that, it would be pretty stupid of me. I'm here to win.

    • Russell: Redemption island does not scare me one bit. It's a vacation. Yeah. Put me on that island see what happens, cuz I'm gonna win the challenges I'm gonna comeback and I'm gonna take some heads off.

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