Season 26 Episode 10

Zipping Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2013 on CBS

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  • cutting the head off the main cuckoo this week

    Malcolm didnt just have a great week in terms of the challenges, but tracking down an idol after he lost the immunity was only the start. He found it in front of members of the majority in opposition. So they knew he found it before tribal. He could have played it safe simply for himself and let Eddie go home or risk a split. Instead he heands his other immunity to Eddie (which was brilliant because it was only going to last him one more vote, and with Reynolds competing against him that might be the next one) and then told everyone that they were going to vote Phillip off instead. And after all the whispering and amazing moments of fear and angst, they did vote him off. It was a classic tribal council. I have been watching this show from the beginnign and I didnt need Cochran to confirm that for me. It was epic.

    I know this means he won't make it to the final, but damned if Malcolm isn't great at this game. If Boston Rob and Russell earned a third chance by how well they played and the impression they left on the fans, malcolm just earned his third try. maybe as a returning coach, maybe as something new in a future season. But damn, he is great for this game.

    Also, I fell further in love with Brenda. If she had made fun of Dawn, even if it was only a little, I would have understood and not had a problem with it. A person you're competing against has a meltdown about a lost retainer, unless you're palying dodgeball in middleschool THAT is something to make fun of. But she didn't. She helped the woman and then said she would try to look out for her. She (Brenda) is a beauty inside and out. Mostly out.

    And Phillip is a loon, need to get that tattooed on himself before the reunion.

  • miss titled-Got Ya

    This week's title should have been "cutting the head off the snake. " last week it should have been called "Let games Now it will be a whole new game with the alliances taking different allegiance to get further in the game. It's going to be fun to watch. This has been the best season since season 1 when no one knew how to play the game and they DIDN't align themselves with others like they do now.
  • This was a classic

    Finally! This season have had 3 of the most annoying players ever seen (Brandon, Shamar, Phillip). But now they are all gone. Yes!!

    That TC will become a classic. The desperate scrambling, the whispering. Andrea can thank her lucky star she was sitting strategically in the middle. I think Phillip initially whispered Andrea's name to Brenda who tried to pass that on to Dawn, and Dawn just said "How? I can't get that over there", meaning to Sherri, Cochran, Erik. Had Andrea sat anywhere else she'd be a goner.

    It's a pity Malcolm didn't pick up on Erik's nodding that he was all in for a Phillip vote, which meant that Malcolm didn't really have to play his idol.

    We'll see if this changes anything next week. The 3 amigos are still outnumbered, but the alliance is shaking. I think Brenda and Dawn are the biggest threats now, and they will probably draw in Cochran to a top 3 alliance. Andrea will probably be paranoid and a possible swing vote, while Erik and Sherri might be candidates to flip over to the amigos side.

    Great ep!! I don't think I've seen anyone soooo happy as Eddie when Malcolm gives him that Idol. He was beaming from ear to ear. Fantastic! And the disappointment and disbelief in Dawn's face when Malcolm found the Idol - Priceless.
  • WOW!!!

  • Phillip was impressive on the Tribal be nice to resee him in a superstar.

    Can't say I am a fan of Phillip, but his behavior at the Tribal Council, where he sacrificed himself when all the others were busy making plans on whom to vote out was really impressive. In situations like that no matter how tough one is, one tends to give up and loose had two options, either sit and take it all in, or try to work with the others on voting one of the took it hindsight, it was the best solution...

    All in all, he had a really solid season, and I must say I'd love to see him in a superstar season along with the likes or Russell, Parvati, Boston Rob, Colton, Coach...

    After what Brandon did, I considered Phillip responsible, and loathed him, but now I can honestly say he deserved to be here, and he pulled his weight.

    Really disappointed in Erik's vote, he could be turned I think.
  • As the pressure of the game begins to get to Dawn, the three remaining Fans make a move that turns the game upside down.

    From what I saw on the preview trailer for this episode, I felt this episode would just be more of the same. I knew even before this episode aired that Dawn was not going to quit. After that incident had passed I thought this episode was going to be nothing out of the ordinary. Boy, was I wrong! This episode went from being formulaic to one of the best of the entire series. Reynold, Eddie and Malcolm gave "Survivor" fans the greatest Tribal Council ever with their brilliant move which briefly took control of the game away from the Favorites. Seeing the stunned and defeated looks on the Favorites' faces was an all time classic "Survivor" moment. Seeing them talking among each other as to who to vote off was nothing short of fantastic. I loved how Malcolm announced that the Fans would be voting for Phillip the Nutcase. If that wasn't great enough, he then berated Phillip saying how he sucks the fun out of everything! It just made a great Tribal Council ten times greater. Speaking of Phillip, he deserved to be voted off for what he did at the reward. I was shocked when he jumped into the pool without showering off. That was disgusting as well as disprespectful to the other tribe members as well as the spa itself. I have always considered him a scumbag. Seeing Phillip act like the pool was a bathtub at the reward just reaffirmed that. An episode that started out as predictable ended as one of the best episodes in "Survivor" history. This is another reason why I have been a fan of "Survivor" since the beginning.
  • How about that!

    This will stand out of one of the most memorable TC's. When Malcolm found the idol I thought he had planted his idol there to find it before the others so they won't think he had one all this time. I had no idea it was another. I'm convinced it was Malcolm's intention that they bluffed playing the idol and not play it at all. Thanks to Phillip's wisdom, they were forced to play it. When Phillip told them to vote like they had originally planned you could see some of the shine dissolve off Malcolm's face. They were forced to play the idols. The preview seem to suggest some players jumping ship which won't be wise at this point. That would leave Malcolm and his boys still intact. If one jumps ship to them now obviously, one will be #4 in that alliance at most. Brenda wins my heart with the kindness she showed to Dawn: and she said not an unkind word about Dawn in private. Very classy. I really want her to win it all. She's a good person at heart and although good gals don't often win, I'm rooting for her.

  • Great episode, awful outcome.

    I really enjoeyd the episode and it is a hard one to forget, but I was exceptionally upse t with Phillip's departure. It seemed inevtiable that he was going especially whn the idols were found but I thought that they would target somebody from that alliance who was a bigger threat. Phillip might have been smart, but he would not win even if here he somehow makes it to the end, because bitter people don't like him.

    It would have been smarter for them to target Andrea (thankfully they didn't!) or Cochran or a bigger threat, in my opinion.

    It was a good move, but it is unlikely to have a big impact on the rest of the season.