Season 26 Episode 10

Zipping Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2013 on CBS

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  • cutting the head off the main cuckoo this week

    Malcolm didnt just have a great week in terms of the challenges, but tracking down an idol after he lost the immunity was only the start. He found it in front of members of the majority in opposition. So they knew he found it before tribal. He could have played it safe simply for himself and let Eddie go home or risk a split. Instead he heands his other immunity to Eddie (which was brilliant because it was only going to last him one more vote, and with Reynolds competing against him that might be the next one) and then told everyone that they were going to vote Phillip off instead. And after all the whispering and amazing moments of fear and angst, they did vote him off. It was a classic tribal council. I have been watching this show from the beginnign and I didnt need Cochran to confirm that for me. It was epic.

    I know this means he won't make it to the final, but damned if Malcolm isn't great at this game. If Boston Rob and Russell earned a third chance by how well they played and the impression they left on the fans, malcolm just earned his third try. maybe as a returning coach, maybe as something new in a future season. But damn, he is great for this game.

    Also, I fell further in love with Brenda. If she had made fun of Dawn, even if it was only a little, I would have understood and not had a problem with it. A person you're competing against has a meltdown about a lost retainer, unless you're palying dodgeball in middleschool THAT is something to make fun of. But she didn't. She helped the woman and then said she would try to look out for her. She (Brenda) is a beauty inside and out. Mostly out.

    And Phillip is a loon, need to get that tattooed on himself before the reunion.