Season 26 Episode 10

Zipping Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2013 on CBS

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  • As the pressure of the game begins to get to Dawn, the three remaining Fans make a move that turns the game upside down.

    From what I saw on the preview trailer for this episode, I felt this episode would just be more of the same. I knew even before this episode aired that Dawn was not going to quit. After that incident had passed I thought this episode was going to be nothing out of the ordinary. Boy, was I wrong! This episode went from being formulaic to one of the best of the entire series. Reynold, Eddie and Malcolm gave "Survivor" fans the greatest Tribal Council ever with their brilliant move which briefly took control of the game away from the Favorites. Seeing the stunned and defeated looks on the Favorites' faces was an all time classic "Survivor" moment. Seeing them talking among each other as to who to vote off was nothing short of fantastic. I loved how Malcolm announced that the Fans would be voting for Phillip the Nutcase. If that wasn't great enough, he then berated Phillip saying how he sucks the fun out of everything! It just made a great Tribal Council ten times greater. Speaking of Phillip, he deserved to be voted off for what he did at the reward. I was shocked when he jumped into the pool without showering off. That was disgusting as well as disprespectful to the other tribe members as well as the spa itself. I have always considered him a scumbag. Seeing Phillip act like the pool was a bathtub at the reward just reaffirmed that. An episode that started out as predictable ended as one of the best episodes in "Survivor" history. This is another reason why I have been a fan of "Survivor" since the beginning.
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