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Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 24, 2007 on OLN
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Les spends a week in Labrador. It isn't going to be a picnic for Les, as his challenge falls at the end of winter where the weather is unpredictable and if you sweat, you die. With only some fishing supplies, some tins, duct tape, rope and .22 rifle, Les must find a way to survive the frigid temperatures and unpredictable weather.moreless
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  • Les goes to Labrador. and trys to survive with dog.

    one of my favorites I like his snow ones. I enjoyed watching him with the dog. try to hunt and fish.and making his snow shelter. stealing food from the dogs was neat and the stew. oh I really enjoy watching him make a hobo stove. he cut into the front with his knife made a door to put tinder into it. and made a chimney. to bad we couldn't see him use it in his snow shelter. and to bad he had to leave early due to the weather. all and all loved it. watch it all the time. thanks for reading.moreless
  • Icy Cold Fields Labrador.

    I though this was a pretty cool episode. Some clips were cut short, but I can understand because of the harsh weather. You gotta do whatever it takes to survive, even if it means stealing meat from the dogs. The Survivor man is pretty smart and resourceful. I never knew there was a small survival kit at the end of a rifle. That can be useful if I ever go to a cold place like labrador. It must be pretty brutal to keep braking up the dogs when each other is bickering. Im amazed the Survivor man was able to catch enough footage for the episode, and that, I give him props! Go Survivor man!moreless
  • This episode was cut short due to deteriorating weather, but all in all a good learning experience about survival in the elements.

    The previous reviewer mentioned the dog food stew, let us just say that he had to be really hungry after what he saw with the meat. He got lucky, a specially built survival hut in the middle of nowhere helped him stay out of the elements but did not offer him anything but a place to stay. He made some tea from some local shrub but that was it.

    It must be almost impossible place to try and survive if you get lost in the winter. He did have a survival kit, but in it there was no food. If I am going to go out on the ice or venture off into the wilderness, I will pack something freeze dried, or a few energy bars just in case. This episode was cut short because the weather would not have made a safe exit from his situation possible, and while disappointing, it is better to err on the side of safety than reshoot an ending that never happened, like another survival show got caught doing.moreless
  • Labrador Tea and Dog Food Stew - it does a body good!

    A slight departure from past episodes in that Les is provided with a kit of items that most would typically have with them if they were traversing these regions and found themselves in a survival situation. Still, he shows us that, even with these items, it can be extremely difficult to survive in these environs. Les spends his first night in the open, but soon finds some relief in a Labrador survival cabin with most of the comforts of home. Even with the shelter, he has no luck in finding food and resorts to eating the less than Grade A caribou meat provided for the dogs. A very enjoyable part of this episode was his interaction with the sled dogs. I would love to know what they were thinking as they sat there watching him do his thing. An interesting twist happens when he intentionally loses his sled and team and finds himself on his own with just a few supplies. Following a restless night in his snow shelter, Les spends the early part of day 5 trying to enhance his living environment. Soon, however, he is contacted by his survival team with the news of severely deteriorating weather conditions that force a decision to abort the shoot. The entire crew and all of their gear are transported by helicopter back to civilization.

    The one lagging question from the episode is: "What happened to the dogs?" Les lets them go and they are never mentioned again. Although he does say he is "simulating" the loss of the team so one can assume that this was planned and contingencies were in place to recover them. But given how the general public is so sensitive to the welfare of animals, there should have at least been a mention of how they were recovered.

    All in all, Labrador was another quality episode of Survivorman and a prime example of why we keep coming back for more Les and his reindeer tea, scorpion kabobs, and urine stills.moreless

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