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  • Survivor man

    Haha I thought it was a satire show at first.. Everything he's done so far in this, he goes wrong!! He tries to do the stupidest things, trying to balance HUGE rocks on a TWIG for a trap.. Places the nuts etc in the wrong place so the squirrels pinch then easily. Lol

    He takes the wrong routes, sets fire to his shelter and tried to eat stuff that he got frozen in a river for.. That he couldn't eat! he's hopeless
  • Island off of granada

    Started watching the Survivorman episode where he is marooned on an island off of Granada. With in one minute he finds a butane lighter that works. Come on what is he going to find next a crate of food or and old fishing pole complete with line and a hook. I saw another one once where he found potassium permaganate in the desert. I am done it is to staged
  • Best survivor show on discovery

    This has to be my favorite survival show on TV period, it might or might not be staged but it really teaches you real life survival techniques and is very educational, i actually learned how to make fire out of nearly nothing from this show, Also i like the fact that there isn't any camera crews to interfere with his survivial. me and my family normally set around watching this show all the time. Alot of people say its "staged" but the real fact is its not whether he survives, its what you learn
  • Too bad the show is staged

    I notice his latest staged shot is from a state park where he had to pay to park to walk ten minutes down the path, I notice he went in the fall otherwise too many sunbathers would be in the shot. why not make a cartoon if its just made up
  • Love all your show

    I got a chalenge for you on how to survive on a Cruise ship? that would be fun to see. lots of this Cruise ship braking down. I would love to see how you survive on that Mr. Strouse
  • its like man vs wild except man vs wild is for ***s

    sorry, but man vs wild is good for entertainment but it is not legitimate surviving in the wild. it is more 'exciting' because of the film crews that get all the dramatic shots and the producers which make bear grylls do stupid shit that would not be smart to do if u were surviving on your own. Les Stroud roughs it on his own, by himself, and films it all on his own, by himself. Long live survivorman! was so pumped to hear about season 4. and jeremiahwooda, how is having a fishing pole or tackle box not surviving? how many people just go out to the woods with absolutely nothing? i guess a genius like yourself might.....
  • i don't get it

    survival? yeah right, i saw him dropped off with an already built shelter next to the water and whined about rain. he also had a fishing pole, a tackle box and it showed a boat there. that's not survival, that's called camping. and saw another episode were he was suppose to be a lost hiker and had a tent and prepared food. come on now. that's not survival either. at least man woman wild and dual survival don't give them tents and prepared food. we go camping all the time and rough it more than this guy does. maybe i should have a show lmao.
  • The babe ruth of survival

    Les has been a survivalist for years. He has written 2 books and also filmed several tv shows and specials including how to survive floods and hurricanes.

    And extrememaggie has it wrong; There is one famous Video where Bear is acting like he may die in Hawaii and there is a highway 50 feet to his right.

    There are several videos on you tube of bear grylls staged and scripted scenes. Bear also has assistants and 2 cameramen as well as a medical crew following him. They say they are made to do that and that's wrong. Les never has anyone.

    Les does ALL his own filming and is still the only person ever to do a show like this without assistance and without any medical crew. he is on his own.

    Les is obsessed with detail. When he ends his quest, of course there are highways and drop off points near him, or he'd never get found. But he is into making it as real as possible and Maggie, you are in the extreme minority on this one.

    You and others may have a crush on Bear; people can be weird that way; but ask any survivalist and Les is the king. This series is amazing and the ratings are always high and he inspires many.
  • its like man vs wild except man vs wild is good.

    Man VS wild is way better, plus I was just watching the alaska episode and I saw a car drive by in the background. That is not a desolate location! I smell a rat.

    Isn't he supposed to be in the most remote locations trying to survive? How is that remote if there is a HIGHWAY in the background?

    I used to like it until I saw the highway. Now its just a joke to me. I can't believe a word he says now. I still need fourteen more words in order to complete this review. Now only five, and two more.
  • This is one of the most inforative shows on survivel I have ever watched. I will miss it when over.

    I love to watch Survivorman. It is a very interesting show about how to survive the outdoors alone. In most cases where you should be with someone he is alone to do for himself and make something out of nothing. He has a great since of hurmor in the most daring trials. He always has his trusty multitool and his harmonica to keep him going. Several things he has showed us have been done by other people but in different ways. I think he is more in tune with nature than anyone I have ever seen. I will really miss the show. I love watching reruns and will continue until they stop showing them. You are a great man Les Stroud. You have probably helped many people save themselves with all your knowledge you have shown us. Thanks
  • A show from discovery involving a Les Stroud going alone to different harshest parts of the world to stay alive for 7 days. He is his own camera crew, and survival specialist. It teaches you how to survive on your own if your ever in a situationist.

    This is a wonderful TV series it is informative, entertaining, and can be beautiful. IT goes to some of the most remote places in the world and shows first how to survive and while doing this he manages to get some amazing shots of the scenery. If you enjoy watching discovery channel fro the wildlife and learning's hen this is a show to watch. He says he is not the best survivor expert but in my opinion hes a great survival expert since he manages to carry all the camera equipment, get the shots, clean up his equipment and in that time he still survives on the land. Its a must watch for anyone interested but not for the squemesh, and could save your life if you ever get lost. heh
  • The original is still the best.

    There are many great debates today; Democrat Vs. Republican, climate change and Coke Vs. Pepsi(GO COKE!!). But there is none greater than Survivorman Vs. Man Vs. Wild. I must it admit it was that crazy Bear Grylls guy who first introduced me to the "survivor" genre, but ever since that little issue of Man Vs. Wild being, you know, fake, I only watch Survivorman. First of all the intense realism this guy goes through is amazing to watch; being alone, all alone, having to tape the whole show himself and fend for himself. On top of all of that, he shows us how to survive if we were ever in a bad situation. Squeezing water out of poo? No, Stroud's survival tactics are more realistic and cautious than ole' what's his name. Though many people say he's "winy" for being cautious, you've got to remember, he's out by himself, he can't afford to do the crazy stunts Grylls does, because if he gets hurt, that's it, he doesn't have a camera crew to help him back to the hotel. So what many may call boring, I call authentic, and Stroud's the guy I trust for survival situations. So, if you like an adrenaline junky running through the forest eating carcasses and jumping into quick sand for no apparent reason, you'll like Man Vs. Wild. But, if you want a more down to earth way to actual survival, well Survivorman's the way to go.
  • Anyone interested in surviving in remote, exotic locations will appreciate this show.

    Les Stroud (also known as "The Survivorman") hosts Survivorman, an entertaining show that will teach young people and older people alike how to do just that. Les stays out in the wild surviving for seven days at a time. Each show has five weeks in between shooting to give Les time to rest and his producers and himself time to scout out future show locations and learn from the natives of that area special native techniques of survival for each specific region. During the show he is completely alone. This adds on to the realism of the show very much knowing that what you see is what is being done. There are no special effects taking place. He carries about five to six cameras with him with hundreds of hours worth of tapes to film with. He also carries multiple stands including body holds for the cameras and tripods as well as specialized camera equipment for certain areas (such as; if he was in the tropics or any wet area he would have special waterproof covers or holds for his cameras, etc.) Les has experience in the movie/TV industry as well as being a survival expert. He has shot a multitude of other shows and/or documentaries on survival or the wild (besides Survivorman) with such shows as: Showshoes and Solitude and Surviving Urban Distasters.

    Anyways, the show (Survivorman) always start out with Les playing out a scenario (such as plane crash in the mountains, car break down in the desert, shipwrecked on a tropical island, etc. etc. etc.) in which he has very little resources provided with him in the beginning for survival. He is supplied with only the tools that the items he has from these different scenarios will provide him and anything he has on his person at the time.

    Les does a great job of teaching the basics and fundamentals of survival in his shows. These basics can range from building simple, water/windproof shelters all the way to catching food; collecting fresh water; turning contaminated, unfresh water into purified, clean water; telling what time of day it is; and even means of protection against dangerous plants, animals, health conditinos, and weather.

    Survivorman is a must see show for anyone interested in survival tecniques or anyone in the woods who wants to know ways that they can start fires or build rain catches or set up traps for animals or know how to react to certain animals or what to do in case of emergency or anything along those lines. It is also a must see for anyone who might be going into the wilderness on a trip because, "You can't control when disaster is going to strike. However, you can control how prepared you are."

    Overall Survivorman is a show you should at least give a shot. Some find it slow and boring, but just pay attention and be interested in the information being given and the excitement will come naturally.

    Overall Score: 9.3

    Thank You,

  • Its ok I prefer Men Vs Wild

    Now I have mixed feelings about this show. One It is very informative and the guy is very nice and I can actually understand him (Unlike the dude from Man Vs Wild). Now the part im not sure about is that he claims to be by himself. Now Im sure all of you guys remember the swamp survival episode. The thing that made me think he wasn't alone was the camera angles that showed him rafting. Now who leaves camera equipment out JUST so you could film yourself exiting that seemed a bit fishy. But it does'nt really matter its still a pretty good show.
  • "Men men men men, manly men men men!" Should be the theme song of the show!

    The shows follows Les Stroud as he single handedly shows people how to survive in a hostile environment. Unlike Man vs Wild he is charged with the task of filming himself. The show is one of the good Reality TV shows in my opinion. Because it instead of dumbing one down with pointless drivel it creates an understanding of the true roots of the human. Which is of course survival, which is why i think so many people love shows survivor. IMO survivor was what started good truly reality TV. Unlike in Reality TV shows where it is all about what some person thinks about someone(stripper/model/etc) at that time, Survivorman does not dumb one down.
  • Former Canadian military guy Les Stroud is dropped in a remote location carrying usually only a multi-tool, some matches if he's lucky and a couple video cameras to record his experience. He must survive for 7 days on the lay of the land.

    After watching a couple of episodes of Survivorman, you will (1) have learned something about survival and (2) want to invite host Les Stroud over for dinner. He's survived in the Arizona dessert, the Canadian Rockies, in Africa, the Amazon rainforest. Bet you didn't know that if you light a Frito's corn chip afire, it can help you transport a flame from one location to another. Watch this show. Aready thru 2 seasons. As of this writing, I am eagerly awaiting season 3. Don't watch if you don't like to see a guy eat snakes, mice, small birds, raw fish, etc.
  • Les Stroud is dropped off or drives into some disturbing places.

    In one episode he had to call his support team for water. In another he sat in an old shelter already built and whined about his plight with mostiquitos and other disgusting creatures. When he sits and whines he constantly remiinds the viewer that his suppot team is only a mile or two away. Les carrying around his 50 pounds of camera gear gives the viewer a unique view of the world or place he is in. He can make someone sick in 2 seconds flat when the camera swings one way and then the other. This show is just flat. There is nothing of substance in his show. How they call him the Survivorman is still beyond me.

    I love this show. There are som many things that he does with the simple things he has with him. Great show !!!!!!!!! I tell everyone tht i know what a great show this is. How does he handle the cameras he works with. I would like to know, If he is in real danger,that his life is in trouble is there a way he can contact help. how hold is he does he have a familey. What type of jobe did he have before he stared this show. He seems to know so much about wild life. who picks the places
  • Les Stroud is amazing as Surivorman

    Les Stroud shooting Survivorman is amazing. He does a lot of prep work for each location he shoots but when he starts his 7 day adventure he is left completely alone. Les has a long background in survivalism and puts his skills to the test in each episode. He sets off on each adventure with minimal resources, though he always has his trusty multi-tool and his harmonica. While he is left to survive on his one for seven days he tries to find and set up shelters and gather food. Many episodes he goes several days with little to no food. If you look on wikipedia for Les Stroud you can get a little more information on his background, which is quite interesting. Before there was Man vs Wild there was Survivorman

    The thing that amazes me the most, other than his ability to live alone for a week with little supplies and food is that he films it all himself. He has to carry 5-7 cameras and set them up for the shots. And the shooting is pretty good for one guy doing it himself. You will see a shot of him climbing a dangerous rock side or walking away in the middle of an endless snow field, but you have to realize that he has to go back, retrieve the cameras, and do it again. Unlike Man vs Wild Les doesn't have a camera crew to talk to when the camera is off. Les Stroud is one of my favorite people ever, real life or on tv. I hope the show continues to find more and more viewers because of how great the show is.
  • A good, educational show about surviving in the Wilderness

    Survivorman is a show about a solitary (And I DO mean solitary) man who survives on his own in the Wilderness for seven days. He films his entire trip all by himself with absolutely no one else around to help him. He has to find his own food and water; become a hunter-forager. He has to carry all this heavy camera equipment himself around the Wilderness in whichever part of the world his is in. Some episodes are much better than others. But that depends on the person watching the show. Someone might like an Alaskan mountain forest, while someone else would prefer to watch a desert-based episode. Which part of the Wilderness would you want to survive in?
  • Les Stroud does a really good job teaching you how to survive.

    Survivorman is a really good show and while it may not be as exciting as Man vs. Wild sometimes, it is more realistic for two reasons. One, he's all alone, it's just him and the camera equipment, where as in Man vs. Wild, Bear Grylls has a two man camera crew. Second of all, he does things that are more likely to happen. For example, if you're lost, you're not going to take all the risks Bear takes becuase you don't want to be injured while trying to survive. Also, you won't always find civilization as easily as Bear Grylls does. Les Stroud on the other hand, is about teaching you to endure an environment for a week, and waiting to be rescued. It is interesting to see how he sometimes uses methods which are traditional to use in the area he's stranded on. For example, he build a type of shelter that the locals have used for centuries ect. This show is worth your time and like I said before, it is sometimes less exciting than Man vs. Wild but the realism is there and the show contains information that any outdoor enthusiast or just about anybody who might get lost or stranded one day could use.
  • First of all, this has to be the only Canadian guy on American television, an interesting feature. The biggest problem with the show is how he has to carry 55 pounds of camera equipment everywhere and it presents the show unrealistically and distracting.

    Alright I pretty much just said it in the description. It's a great show, but it could still be better with almost everything. The guy doesn't have as much personality as Bear Grills but it's not a big deal. (a bit older too) It just makes the show look so fake when you hear him talking about his camera stuff right in the show and how he has to position his cameras and do all that crap on his own. If someone was stranded, they wouldn't have that camera stuff to carry around and set up so it's kind of a big flaw to the show directly.

    The music is recycled each episode. When you see some interesting looking landscape or he's walking around all tired, you'll recognize the same little musical thing it plays to go alongside scenarios. Noticeable however not that big of a deal.

    Again I have to comment on the camera stuff. The show is just dramatically worse that Man vs. Wild because with that, they film Bear walking around in third person as he's walking along and it gives a much bigger sense of walking alongside him in the wilderness like he's talking to you or something. With Survivorman you just don't have that. He positions the camera pointing at his face, pointing at a fire where he'll a dead animal to barbecue and it seems that's what the show is mostly about.

    Pretty enjoyable show even if I made it sound pretty bad by this review. It's worth watching.
  • Survivorman is a show that is about a weird guy on the T.V. that goes off into the wilderness to try and teach regular people how to survive. Although he is worse that Bear Grylls on Man vs. Wild he still deserves some credit for not being bit by a snake.

    This show absolutely sucks. I have given it many chances and watched about 15 episodes. The host freaks me out and has no T.V. personality. You may ask why a personality matters when you are teaching people how to survive? Well Bear Grylls on Man vs. Wild has personality and is a much better teacher when it comes to survival in extreme conditions. He takes way more risks and shows you how to escape situations that could happen anywhere. He has dived jumped into a frozen lake just to show viewers at home how to get out of any body of water when you fall through the ice. The bottom line is that Survivorman should be canceled for totally being retarded. I hope no one watches it in the first place so you won't subject yourselves to throwing something at your T.V.because you hate the host. Please don't watch this show and I am only telling you this for your own good. Beware of Survivorman and just tune into Man vs. Wild. By the way the only reason I rated this show a 1 is because it will not submit and score that is lower. I would really give this show a .1 instead but that was not possible.
  • I thought that the new season was supposed to start in Late February? Its April and the new season hasn't started yet. What gives?

    I thought that the new season was supposed to start in Late February? Its April and the new season hasn't started yet. What gives? Well, i still love watching the repeats. I really like this show, it reassured that i knew how to survive when I was trapped in the wilderness. Yes Wisconsin can be a deadly place to live. Though it was only a couple of hours the trick of squeezing your muscles together helped keep me from developing hypothermia. It was cold and windy. If i would have been outside over night I probably would have died. Thanks Les
  • A man (Les Stroud) surviving the wilderness for 7 days with minimal survival gear and about 50 pounds of camera gear. He shows us how to survive the worst conditions and still comes out alive. Gotta love this show!!!

    I like this show alot, because it teaches one many valuable survival strategies. To name a few:
    -Building a Shelters in different climates.
    -Kinds of Plantlife and wildlife that are safe to eat.
    -How to make a fire with no matches.
    -Techniques on gathering water and making it safe to drink.

    This show has also gotten me into trying out certain things like, for instance, making fire with sticks. I haven\\\'t successfully achieved fire, yet, but have come real close to doing so (the bow and drill, I found, is most effective).

    So to Sum everything up, this show is a very useful tool really. Watch it, learn it, and maybe one day it will come in handy.

    thanx for reading

  • This guy is out there. But yet I continue to watch. I can't figure it out. It probably won't last. But I think I'll watch it while it runs.

    This guy is out there. But yet I continue to watch. I can't figure it out. It probably won't last. But I think I'll watch it while it runs.

    I mean who would just get dumped in the middle of nowhere and try to survive. Now he acts like he'd die. But this is TV and there has to be a back up or emergency plan in case something actually happens.

    This dude is out there. He'd never make it on the real survivor. They'd kick him out for being to weird.

    And so I have become a complete convert. I love this show and I believe I've seen all the episodes. I have even joined the newsletter on his website.

    My wife doesn't get it and thinks I'm crazy. Though she thinks Les has some good and interesting ideas. I recently went camping and couldn't help but think. What would Les Stroud do?

    Watch and you'll be fascinated. He has some other shows and specials in the works. So keep an eye out. He's going to explode, probably like the Crocodile Hunter did.
  • Learn to survive in the wild using camera equipment parts

    Thanks to this show I now know 1,001 ways of surviving in exotic locations using camera parts or other people's garbage laying around. Heck, I dont even go to the store now without putting a small camera in my pocket *just in case* (or my camera-phone to call someone for extraction like at the end of each show).
  • My absolute favorite show.

    One a typical day off of work I turned on the television and there was a strange show with the title "Survivorman". During that day I saw the first three episodes of the show. Since then it became my absolute favorite show. It is the most extreme and honest show about survivor. What Les Stroud undergoes is the absolute truthful and best guide for survival. It is fascinating to see what a person does in such situations. His solutions are ingenious and the torture he undergoes shows us the true limits of his strength and endurance. Les manages to survive days without any substantial food. His situations are extreme and the way he manages to live through them in solitude is even more impressive. It is the most entertaining survival show on TV.
  • A good show, worth watching. Gives some useful tips for actually surviving if you ever get stranded somewhere...just don't go to the arctic!

    This is a great show, it's funny and interesting and gives you real tips if you were every stranded somewhere...although I don't think I'll be going to the arctic anytime too soon. I do think there is a back up plan, like he has a cell phone on him, just in case, but it's a good show and so much better than the reality drama crap on the regular channels!
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