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  • The babe ruth of survival

    Les has been a survivalist for years. He has written 2 books and also filmed several tv shows and specials including how to survive floods and hurricanes.

    And extrememaggie has it wrong; There is one famous Video where Bear is acting like he may die in Hawaii and there is a highway 50 feet to his right.

    There are several videos on you tube of bear grylls staged and scripted scenes. Bear also has assistants and 2 cameramen as well as a medical crew following him. They say they are made to do that and that's wrong. Les never has anyone.

    Les does ALL his own filming and is still the only person ever to do a show like this without assistance and without any medical crew. he is on his own.

    Les is obsessed with detail. When he ends his quest, of course there are highways and drop off points near him, or he'd never get found. But he is into making it as real as possible and Maggie, you are in the extreme minority on this one.

    You and others may have a crush on Bear; people can be weird that way; but ask any survivalist and Les is the king. This series is amazing and the ratings are always high and he inspires many.