Survivorman - Season 1

Sunday 8:00 PM on OLN Premiered Oct 13, 2004 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Off The Grid with Les Stroud
    Les and his wife will explore the difficulty of building a 'green' home entirely off the power grid.
  • Behind the Scenes
    Behind the Scenes
    Episode 10
    It's a 1 hour look at what goes into making the series.
  • Lost at Sea
    Episode 9
    Les finds himself stranded at sea after abandoning ship off the coast of Belize. Although he has to constantly bail his leaking raft, that is leaking both air and water, Les manages to make it deserted island. Now Les spends what's left of the week, waiting on his "rescue".
  • Plane Crash
    Episode 8
    Les's newest destination is a simulated plane crash site in Northern Ontario. With only the parts from the plane, an axe and a blanket, Les must find a way to survive this new place. But when his arm ends up in a sling, Les finds that surviving will be a lot harder.moreless
  • Canyonlands
    Episode 7
    Les' newest challenge is to survive the canyons of America's Southwest region. With the mountain bike he rode in on, magnesium flint stick and an old energy bar, Les must find a way to survive this barren and inhospitable place.
  • Mountain
    Episode 6
    With the scenario of a hiking expidition gone wrong, Les must survive the Canadian Rockies. With wolves, cougars and grizzlies calling this place home, Les must be weary of not only the weather, but the wildlife as well. With only a broken camcorder, a tripod and a videotape, Les must find a way to use these items in order to survive.moreless
  • Mountains
    Episode 6
    Join Les Stroud as he's airdropped onto a snow-covered peak in the Canadian Rockies. He'll have to survive in the desolate environment for seven days using only his wits and a broken camcorder.
  • Arctic
    Episode 5
    Les heads to Pond Inlet, on Baffin Island, for his newest challenge. With the dangers of shifting ice, friggid temperatures, and polar bears, Les finds that surviving here will be filled with danger. With only a rifle (which he can only use to protect himself from polar bears), a hunk of uncooked seal-liver, some oil-rich blubber for heat, a seal-hook, three matches, and a knife, Les must find a way to survive a week in this dangerous place.moreless
  • Georgian Swamp
    Georgian Swamp
    Episode 4
    Les finds himself in the Altamaha River Basin in Georgia. This swamp is home to alligators, snakes, and many other creatures. Using the few supplies he has, Les must survive the hot and humid days and friggid nights, while being weary of the alligators in the waters a few feet away.moreless
  • Costa Rica
    Costa Rica
    Episode 3
    Stuck on Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula, Les must survive the danger of the jungle. Scorching heat and parasite containing jungle water are the leasts of his concerns. With dangerous poisonous snakes lurking around, Les must make use of the few supplies he has with him.
  • Arizona Desert
    Arizona Desert
    Episode 2
    With scorching days and freezing days, the Sonora Desert is the perfect place for Les to survive for a week. After simulating a break down on a dirt bike, Les must find a source of water and make a shelter. With the desert sun high overhead, Les must make use of a snack bar, a half a gallon of water, parts from the bike and his multi tool, in order to survive.moreless
  • Jungle
    Episode 1
  • Canadian Boreal Forest
    Les must survive the Boreal forest in Nothern Canada. Home to moose and beaver, this friggid land is only frost-free for only 3 months a year. Along with the dangers of the cold, Les must be weary of male moose who are dangerous and unpredictable. With some cashews, a match, some jerky, and his trusty multi-tool. Les does his best to survive this place.moreless