Survivorman - Season 2

Sunday 8:00 PM on OLN Premiered Oct 13, 2004 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Behind the Scenes
    Episode 7
    A behind the scenes look at season 2.
  • Making of Survivorman
    From preparation to scouting to filming, Les takes viewers behind the scenes to demonstrate how he shoots an episode while enduring seven days' worth of punishing conditions, deadly predators and complete isolation.
  • South Pacific
    Episode 6
    Les demonstrates survival in the Cook Islands using SCUBA gear, a ship wreck and found articles.
  • Alaska
    Episode 5
    Les spends a week in Alaska. He must survive the ocean bay, Taroka Arm. With the salmon active this time of year, the dangers of black bears and grizzlies are ever present. Although Les manages to find food easily, surviving won't be easy. With only four hours of night screwing with your body's clock and the presence of bears, this place can be more dangerous then it seems.moreless
  • African Plains
    Episode 4
    Surviving in the South Africa plains is no simple task. Les must be ever vigilant of lions, leopards, dangerous hippos, and black mambas. With torrential downpours and sweltering heat, Les must make use of the hot-air balloon and a few tools to survive this dangerous place.
  • Labrador
    Episode 3
    Les spends a week in Labrador. It isn't going to be a picnic for Les, as his challenge falls at the end of winter where the weather is unpredictable and if you sweat, you die. With only some fishing supplies, some tins, duct tape, rope and .22 rifle, Les must find a way to survive the frigid temperatures and unpredictable weather.moreless
  • Amazon
    Episode 2
    Les must now survive the most dangerous place on Earth, the deepest and densest part of the Amazon jungle. With the ever looming threat of a Jaguar and insects that can kill with just a touch or a bite, Les must give it all he's got to survive. Having only a match, some fire powder, a hat, some fishing line, a soda, a blow gun, a spear, a machete, and a fire stick, Les must find a way to survive the full 7 days in this dangerous place.moreless
  • Kalahari
    Episode 1
    Les' new challenge is to survive the Kalahari desert. With temperatures reaching 140 degrees during the day and 44 degrees during the night, surviving the Kalahari desert is no cake walk. Les must make use of an out of gas truck, a couple of empty soda cans, an ostrich egg, a couple of buckets, an unfinished jar of peanut butter, and a can of jam.moreless
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