Survivorman - Season 3

Sunday 8:00 PM on OLN Premiered Oct 13, 2004 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Papua New Guinea
    Episode 6
    In his final installment of Survivorman, Les sets out to survive in the jungle of Papua New Guinea. With a fire starting kit and some food from the locals, along with some rope, an orange trash bag and "A Can Full of Survival" from a staff member, Les must last through parasite infested waters, disease carrying bugs and poisonous creatures. Things start off rocky for Les as he begins the week after mostly recovering from an illness.moreless
  • Australian Outback
    Episode 5
    Les simulates flying an ultralight airplane running out of gas and having to make an emergency landing in the Australian Outback. With temperatures changing from close to zero degrees Celsius during the night and 45 during the day, Les must make use of some rope, a paper match, a little water ,a little bit of beef jerky, a hatchet, a boiling can and whatever else he can find to survive. With King Brown Snakes, Red-Backed Spiders, many other poisonous creatures in the Australian Outback and hardly any water, surviving here will be no walk in the park.moreless
  • Deep Woods
    Episode 4
  • Arctic Tundra
    Episode 3
  • Colorado Rockies
    Episode 2
    Les must survive in the Colorado Rockies, but instead of taking care of only himself, he must take care of two horses as well.
  • Sierra Nevada
    Episode 1
    Les tries to survive in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. This time he has more then just his trusty harmonica and his multi tool, He also has some basic backpacking gear as well like a tent, a sleeping bag, and a flashlight. When he doesn't show up at camp his team is forced to organise a Search and Rescue team to find him. Will they find him in time?moreless