Survivorman - Season 4

Sunday 8:00 PM on OLN Premiered Oct 13, 2004 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Dangers
    Episode 5
    Danger is inherent in any survival situation. It's how you handle it that determines success or failure. Les Stroud packs 25 years of survival knowledge into one 45- minute crash course in this fast-paced new compilation.
  • In the continuation of the 10-day survival challenge in the mountains of Norway, Les makes his way in search of food, water and shelter, all while carrying 65 pounds of camera gear to document the experience. Les is pushed to his limits in the harsh environment.

  • In his second two-part challenge of the new season, Les Stroud finds himself in the mountains of Norway with little food and no water. He must brave the cold conditions for ten days with no assistance from a camera crew or other outsiders. Les films all the footage himself.

  • 8/26/12

    In the return of the series, Les Stroud faces extreme challenges on the desert island of Tiburon in the Sonoran desert of Mexico. Les will now spend 10 days in harsh conditions, a change from the 7-day challenges of the older seasons. After 5 days, he moves inland to find water, food and shelter.

  • 8/19/12

    After nearly four years, Les Stroud returns with new episodes of "Survivorman". In this episode, he finds himself shipwrecked on the desert island of Tiburon in the Sonoran desert. He faces extreme heat during the day, chilly conditions at night and his own thirst and hunger.