Season 2 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2010 on BBC

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  • *** Spoiler-free *** Boring conspiracy arc but intense survivalist one, good visual effects, high and low acting, some inspiring characters and bitter sweet dialogs

    Even if my opinion about the first series was mixed I decided to give the second one a chance. Indeed some of the topics covered fascinate me : Survivalism, security versus freedom, deadly virus, conspiracy… However I didn't like how the latest was pictured in the finale. Abby the host kidnapped by government scientists wasn't surprising at all. It's not that I was expecting the writers to go all The X-Files on us but they could have at least found a more original story arc. I really enjoyed the film Outbreak when it was released in 1995 but a lot has happened since then. In fact the idea itself is not bad it's just that the characters are quite predictable. I think the major issue is that they let us know who is lying and who is not. They should let us imagine things instead of serving us with cold and old dialogs. I don't want to be told who the bad guys are. I want to discover it by myself.

    Hopefully the other arc, involving all the other characters, was far much more interesting. Their story started right after Greg was shot. They were caught in a twister of emotional and action scenes. I found the visual effects quite impressive and they really contributed to make the scenes believable and even more dramatic. However it's definitely the acting that convinced me the most. Indeed Zoe Tapper's performance as Anya was as good as in the first series. It's inspiring to see so much charisma on screen. Al was also excellent but I was slightly disappointed by Greg. His hallucinations were far too vivid when their design should have reflected his distress and health. As for Greg and Sarah one of their dialog was really sharp. It was a direct reference to what happened to one of them but the character who said it didn't know what it implied.

    To sum things up I hated the conspiracy theory arc but enjoyed the survivalist one. But I don't think I'll watch the second episode because I couldn't take an other half hour of Abby the lab rat. Even the actress acting was questionable so now watching it or not is up to you.
  • Why didn't they take the drugs first?? (some spoilers)

    I know it's just a show, and this is just a minor thing- but it drove me nuts to think that a group of people would not have emptied the hospital of medicine and supplies before torching it.
    Really, you wouldn't have grabbed the pencillin, anti-septics, painkillers first ?? Where do you think you're going to get those drugs in the future?

    The show focused too much on trying to bring on a dramatic cliffhanger - will Greg live, where's Abby, will Al die? Will Anya die? Too much for one episode. They also got too excited by the fake looking CGI so that they could make the building collapse look like 2012/The Day After Tomorrow disaster films. I did enjoy seeing some of Greg's backstory and that his violence is what leads him to reject it now. I also found Sarah's sacrifice to brutal rape made her character more interesting than just the shallow selfish pathetic person she was before. Najid and Al's relationship continues to grow and is good to see them both maturing. Abby has a more boring role of victim in the episode. Tom is a little too dimensional this time as well. And I still just don't like Anya though and don't buy her as a doctor at all.

    I'll watch the rest of Season 2, but the 1975 version definitely impressed me a lot more. Much more thought-provoking on issues of survival and reactions.

    This show seems a lot less intropsective, and not very subtle in it's characters. I would have liked to see more greay areas and nuances around some of the characters (like Samantha the PM). I'm getting a little tired of one character wanders off/gets grabbed and everyone else has to go rescue that person.
  • A slow start to season two for anyone who caught season one last year. You may remember that Abbey was taken prisoner by the men in gas masks and now we find her in a secret facility where they are looking for a cure for this plague.

    The director needs to understand this show a little better or at least his audience. We get it and there is no need to spell out every consequence of what the characters do. And what was the hospital section for? We are treated to some great CGI as the building collapses but its as if that used all the budget as then we are stuck with half an hour of pretty lame rescue attempt [and no attempt to move the plot forward]. In fact, most of this episode was marking time and it could easily have been combined [and cut] with episode two to make a decent hours worth.

    It can only get better - I hope...........