Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 2008 on BBC

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  • Lord of the Rings/Flies!?

    Here we say the beginnings of the real breakdown in society and the Lord of the Flies scenario, where man's base instincts kick in. Abby belives in the goodness in man's heart, but Tom is well aware of the darkness that lies there. It will be interesting to see where the writers take the story.

    The title comes from Al's misquote and mixup with Lord of the Rings & Lord of the Flies.
  • The group finds a house that they all can stay in. While out foraging for food they find armed gangs of people calling areas their own and willing to kill to keep them. Abby sees a man who could be her sons teacher. The group picks up a new person.

    Things start to get bad very quick. It seems peoples humanity has disappeared quickly. Some people have taken to defending a territory with guns. Others choose to defend their little spaces for no reason causing major problems for our little intrepid group.

    The group has decided to stay together and even pick up a new member when a fiasco occurs at a food warehouse distribution center. She's very naive and maybe a dangerous person as she is willing to do what she needs to survive. Abby is still obsessed about her son Peter and it almost gets both Greg and Tom as well as herself. She thinks she sees a man who was Peter's teacher and then returns to the same area and honks a horn to get the attention of the people that threaten to kill them if they returned. Not a reasonable action and she puts others lives at risk. She did not seem mentally ill from the first episode, but they are taking her character in that direction which would be a shame as she seems to be the person keeping things together.

    It's important now that both Tom and Greg find their place in the group. Both are strong men with different foibles but both are important to the groups survival. Aalim and the new girl seem to have a lot in common. Neither of them really are very realistic about the future of people. Aalim worried about fashionable clothes and the girl thinking she could keep all that food and supplies for trade and money. Hopefully Aalim's accident will cause him to grow up. The old man should not have reacted that way to Najid getting candy. It's not like anyone is going to buy anything anymore. It seems that some people are still in shock about the true reality of the situation. Aalim and Najid do find some chickens and take them and their eggs which is a very smart move.

    Interesting program with some very reasonable conclusions about how people would act in these circumstances. This program may be too intense for some people. Keep that in mind. Thanks for reading...
  • The law of the jungle starts to take hold.

    This week's episode was pretty gripping throughout. The only annoying thing for me was the voice of the warehouse manager's girlfriend (can't remember her name - Sarah?).

    Anyway, the story is developing nicely with the strongest commandeering the food supplies and the few in possession of a gun doing what they like to retain their power. (Remember this is Britain - nowhere near as many guns available as in the US :P ) the scene when the bad guy held the shotgun to Abby's head was particularly heart-stopping.

    The creepy lab people are clearly involved in the release of the virus and I've no doubt their motives will be revealed before the series ends.

    Give it a go - it's worth staying in with the fire on for a watch of this despite being dull November!
  • The survivors pick up another member and encounter problems with an armed gang while gathering food.

    Just before i comment on the episode i thought i'd better correct an error i made in the review i left for the last episode, not that anybody will really care, however when i commented on greg being reimagined as a convict i was being a little stupid as Gregs character is the one played by Paterson Joseph and not the character Tom who in turn is played by Max Beesley.
    I thought this episode was more gripping than the last one and a lot more fun to watch. Obviously the pilot wasn't bad but it was struggling to establish its characters and mythology in a small space of time like most pilots do. The pilot was good, but this episode was better. The plot was almost identical to the second episode of the original survivors sans the armed gang, i think that happened in a different storyline. There were three main plot threads in this episode with a few minor character interactions thrown in that i'm guessing will be developed later on.
    The first plot thread is the survivors running into a small gang of thugs who've claimed all food and supplies in the surrounding area. This wouldn't be much of a problem, however, this particular gang happens to have a double barrel shotgun. This of course raises issues for abby who wants to believe that deep down all humans are generally good, while Tom seems intent on reenforcing the idea that deep down people are animals and will act as such.
    The second plot thread concerns Greg trying to track down a large source of supplies by trying to locate the warehouse that delivers to all local supermarkets. He finds it, only to run into two other survivors who've staked a claim to it. One is critically injured so Greg treats his injury like any decent human being would but insists that he has to return to his friends sooner or later. The third plot thread is about Al and his new sidekick foraging for food and dealing with their guilt after Al accidentally kills a man while defending himself and his adoptive son. These stories are all pretty compellig and seem to be real troubles people might face when 90% of civilisation has been wiped out. The more i thought about the implications of one gang having a gun, the more i realised that they would be pretty much the top dog no matter where they decided to stake a claim. What also struck me as funny was that the survivors made no attempt of their own to arm themselves. Obviously Abby is against violence, but i would have thought that greg or tom would have headed off to the nearest military base or police station armory in search of a gun that would dwarf a double barrell shotgun. Even so, Greg and Tom's stand off with the gang was a pretty good scene. There was a genuine sense of concern for the characters and they came off as just the right ammount of brave without being completely stupid.
    Al dealing with his guilt over killing the old man was also pretty compelling.
    We get introduced to the new character sarah whose just as much of a selfish human being as she was in the original series when she had greg help her crippled friend only to screw over said friend when worse came to worse. Now she's joined the main group of characters. Not a good sign. Next weeks episode is looking brilliant. Definitely looking forward to it.
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