Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2008 on BBC

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  • The Breakdown Continues!

    In this episode we see an emerging community, on the verge of breaking down before it even starts. We see another family who have just buried their heads in the sand, trying to quarantine themselves from the disease. Against all this we see what looks like a government organisation working on a vaccine and looking for groups of survivors in a helicopter. I has a very sinister feel about it, and it looks more black ops than mainline government. All the threads in the storyline are interesting, and it is a great series.
  • Abby continues to wander off by herself almost coming to another bad conclusion. She finds Samantha Miller and a group of survivors at a government facility. Greg and Tom find a father and two children when they follow a helicopter that passes them.

    Interesting dynamics to the major characters. The three truly most dynamic of the characters Abby, Greg, and Tom each had major roles in tonights story. Abby who seemed to be the level headed person, who is keeping the group together is turning out to be a very brave, stubborn, and stupid individual all the while looking for her possibly living son. Greg who seemed the voice of reason and seemed the most prepared has become less sure of himself as he has been forced to change his plan on survival. I guess it all seemed so much easier when it was just him. The most interesting person is Tom though. He has become the true voice of reason in a storm of ultimate survival. Maybe it's a second chance at life? Maybe it's the fact he has had some of the truly horrible experiences? In the end he seems to have the most humanity of the major characters.

    The stories tonight were interesting, but in a lot of ways take away from the overall need for survival which is really what the story is all about. I found Minister Miller's actions a little out of sorts and very unusual even under the circumstances. Maybe they are trying to show that in the end she is the type of woman to do anything to keep order. I'm not sure. The other major story was sad in a way that to live the family was never going to be normal. The way the virus spreads the chances are they had been exposed in one way or another, but the father was so paranoid he was willing to destroy what lives his children had left to avoid getting them ill. When a parent does that in today's society its considered smothering the person. As I stated earlier it's Tom's totally reasonable logical argument that brings the man forward to accept the world the way it is.

    Very interesting and sometimes painful to watch. Survivors is well done, thought out, and a masterfully acted series. I'm looking forward to the continues episodes. Thanks for reading...
  • Very interesting episode.

    There were four different storylines taking place in this episode, which i think demonstrates how capable the writers in this series are. Four things are taking place at once and yet the entire episode feels fairly fluid and doesn't seem to drag on. The only downside of this is that sometimes if one particular plot thread skips to another storyline at a pivotal scene it can be kinda frustrating albeit incredibly gripping. This episode sees abby discovering a self sufficient community with power and all the comforts of modern living with samantha illis (the last member of the government) leading a large group of survivors.
    Another plot thread sees Al, Najid, Anya and Sarah trying to build a house for the chickens (thats bold television). Also, Greg and Tom go looking for petrol and discover a family that survived the virus but believe contact with any living creature would kill the instantly.
    Lastly we get to see a bit more of the underground group of scientists who seem to be looking for a cure to the virus. The get a lot more screen time in this episode.
    Abbys plotline was very interesting. Of course there were going to be a few places that still had water and power. Thats the benefit of renewable energy sources. God bless new age hippies and their desire to build communes that don't affect the environment. It also makes sense that a member of the government would be aware or at least have access to information that could lead her to such a place.
    Samantha willis (who also appeared in the pilot episode) is a very interesting character. She's the last official voice of authority and as such is the person everyone is going to look to for orders or purpose. She's solely responsible for the future development of mankind and has to make all the tough descisions so its pretty inevitable that shes going to end up making the wrong ones sooner or later.
    Abby wishes to stay in the new commune initially, but leaves abruptly when Samantha executes a looter. However, before she leaves samantha gives her information on a group of young boys (one of whom may be abbies son) who are occupying a mansion.
    Greg and toms storyline concerned them looking for petrol and heading to farms to look for it. That actually makes a lot of sense as farmers would most likely have drums of the stuff to operate their equipment. They end up finding a family who've isolated themselves to keep from getting sick. Theres some good character development for both greg and tom who we don't really know much about. Greg apparently had children before the virus and Tom (whose behaviour becomes more unpredictable each episode) does a good thing and convinces the farmer to venture outside.
    Meanwhile Al, Najid, Sarah and Anya are working on a project to build a chicken coop. It's clear that Al is trying to get it on with sarah who seems more interested in Tom and greg. Najid, wanting to stick up for his new guardian, reveals to the girls that Al is perfectly capable of protecting them as he killed the man who attacked Najid. But the girls don't believe him. This plot thread was kind of weird, but showcased Najids loyalty to Al and the developing relationships of the characters.
    The last plot thread concerned the scientists seen in the first or second episodes who appear to be working on a vaccine for the virus. Uh, you mean the one that already got out and killed everyone? I guess maybe they're trying to make themselves immune so they can venture outside. One of the doctors thinks they've cracked the vaccine and wants to test it on himself, but his superiors defy him and inject it into a volunteer who then dies. I guess this is supposed to show that the mysterious scientists aren;t all bad guys, but the ones who are will do really messed up stuff to get what they want. Overall a really gripping and entertaining episode. I'm interested to see what happens with the scientists and look forward to next week.
  • Another really good episode, moving the story on and showing things are getting more and more desperate.

    This episode of Survivors had some of the most shocking drama to date. Samantha Willis (the government woman) shot a looter in cold blood and the family that Greg and Tom found could very nearly have had a terribly tragic separation, they were so desperate.

    Yes folks, people are getting nastier as supplies run out and only the fittest will survive. There were some nice light moments too, particularly the chicken scenes, building the hen house etc. We're excited to get to the bottom of what the creepy scientists are doing. Will they really find a vaccine or cure? Time will tell.