Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 2008 on BBC

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  • Abby finds a boy but is it her son?

    Another strong episode of Survivors with some really sweet moments such as Abby's romantic interlude. The search for Abby's son Peter continues - the boy she meets this week is not him. There was also a sub-plot where Tom, Aalim, Sarah and Najid go to see the awful Samantha Willis and agree to stay there. It soon becomes clear that they really want the boy. Aalim leaves but later breaks back in to rescue Najid and Tom and Sarah realise their mistake and head back home. Nothing on the creepy scientists this week but I suppose more will be revealed in the next 2 episodes.
  • Really good character driven stories.

    This episode entertained the idea that the survivors might soon be split up as each of them went their separate ways, but soon decided to rejoin the others. It actually appeared for a second that we might loose one or two main cast members, not to death or anything but to various other walks of life. Abby headed off to look for her son peter again and found the mansion samantha willis told her about which is indeed occupied by several teenage boys. However, she finds herself helping the guy whose house the teenagers are occupying. For a second it looks like she might of found her son peter but it turns out to be a similar boy with the same name.
    Obviously the teenagers have become a little destructive in the absence of authority, however, its also obvious that deep down they mean well. Abby helps patch things up between the teenagers and the guy whose house they've nicked and the house owner decides to lead the boys and train them in how to survive. Abby also has a brief romance with the house owner and it seems for a few moments she may join him and the boys, but instead she decides to rejoin greg and the others and keep searching for her son.
    Meanwhile Al, Tom, Sarah and Najid head off to Samantha willis's commune (which is looking less appealing by the second) to check it out and for a while it seems they might take up permanent residence there. Of course Al has an immediate problem with authority and gets kicked out of the commune for resting, getting up late, talking during breakfast and singing...
    It becomes apparent that Samanthas rules are fairly strict and even though Al was undermining Samanthas rules he did so in a very immature and childish fashion so it seems pretty cold to kick him out for that. Whats even more cold though is that Tom completely sells Al down the river, a pretty low move even for Tom who has obviously had problems with Al from day one. Al tries to take Najid with him but samantha won't let him, declaring him an unfit guardian so Al sneeks back into the commune and askes Najid if he wants to come with him. Najid says yes so Al busts them out and heads back to Greg, Anya and Abby. Tom discovers this and goes even lower by sounding the alarm. Nevertheless, Al and Najid escape. Samantha meanwhile, discovers Toms prison tattoo and kicks him out of the commune as well. So Tom and sarah leave and catch up with Al and Najid. Tom apologises to Al, but it becomes pretty clear that this probably won't be the last time he screw him over.
    This plot thread seems to demonstrate that the grass really isn't greener on the other side as we see Tom, Najid and Al either booted from samanthas commune or wanting to leave for one reason or another.
    Meanwhile, Greg and anya are left alone at the house and come under attack from a pair of would be rapists. Anya defends herself pretty capably and actually ends up saving greg. The two then drive their attackers out to the middle of nowhere. For a second it appears greg might kill them but instead he just leaves them there. Greg and anya briefly consider leaving for Samanthas community where they would have security and piece of mind, but decide against it out of loyalty to abby and the others. The episode ends with all the survivors reuniting at their house where it becomes apparent that they're all better off together. Something in this episode really had me hooked, but i can't figure out why. IT was a good episode and had some great character interaction. It also demonstrated that the new world the survivors live in is becoming increasingly more violent and dangerous. Tom seemed kind of out of character in this episode, but his characterisation has become sort of eratic. He is a bit of a wild card. No mention of the scientists in this one, but it looks like they'll make a pretty big appearance in the next episode. I think this series is the only thing i'm actually watching on terrestrial television at the moment. It really is a brilliant show and this eisode is a good example of why. Again, i'm really looing forward to the next installment.