Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 2008 on BBC



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    • (Samantha has dismissed Aalim from the community.)
      Samantha: We had to be a bit strict with him, Naj, because I think he thought he was a bit better than the rest us, didn't he? Whereas you and everyone else here are willing to work, to learn, to contribute to the community, to the future of this: our battered, but unbeaten, human race. We're a team, okay?
      Najid [ quietly ]: Okay.

    • Tom [ of Samantha Willis ]: She's got everything.
      Sarah: Hot baths.
      Tom: Electricity, computer games.
      Najid: Yeah!
      Aalim: Now you'll see how good I am.
      Najid: No, now you'll see how good I am.
      Greg: Al, you've forgotten the bit where she shot the woman.
      Aalim: So, she's a bit strict.

    • Tom: I'm Tom, how are you doing?
      Gavin: Where are you from?
      Tom: Salford.
      Gavin: Yeah?
      Tom: 15 Hopper Street. Want the postcode?

    • Jimmy: We're clear.
      Abby: The tyre's burst, the windscreen's gone. We are not clear. We are not "we".
      Jimmy: Sorry.

    • Thug [ to Greg and Anya ]: So, is it just the pair of you?
      Greg: No. There are four others. Three men.
      Thug: Where are they?
      Greg: Foraging.
      Thug: Foraging. What's that?
      Greg: Looking for stuff.
      Thug: Ah. That's what we're doing. (Laughs.) We're foraging.

    • Aalim: Oh great. A dorm. I'll get nightmares.
      Najid: Al.
      Aalim: It's all right for you. You didn't go to boarding school did you?
      Najid: Al, stop complaining.
      Tom: You tell him, kid.

    • Aalim: Do you ever get your hands dirty?
      Samantha: Oh yes.

    • Abby: Why are we alive?
      Jimmy: Got an easier one?

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