Season 2 Episode 6

Episode 6

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2010 on BBC

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  • The best made plans...

    This was a terrific final episode to bring series 2 to a close and answered so many questions, while whetting the appetite for more information about the final episode was brilliantly paced and all edge of the seat stuff. The apparent failure of the research facility was a surprise, and in part explained the disappearance of the black-op soldiers from the series.

    The final admission by Landry as to the source of the pandemic, was shocking, but in part hinted at earlier in the episode and certainly will be familiar to anyone who has followed the conspiracy theories surrounding the source of HIV and Ebola.

    All in all I have been thoroughly impressed by this series, and hope that there will be a Series 3. But as a few years have already passed since series 2, its highly unlikely. Another great series that was not given enough opportunity to flourish! Pity!
  • Hope Never Dies. The family help to make a cure to the virus as a new strain makes its way through the bird popluation, threatening to finish off the few survivors.

    As Abby desperately tries to find her son the one remaining scientist at the PSJ Lab is immune and has finished the anti-virus. Al, still reeling after the death of Sarah, volunteers to test the cure by being re-infected.

    In an exciting season finale we see the family shoot-it-out with the Hope Never Dies people in an attempt to keep Abby's son from their evil clutches.

    At the same time Tom is seriously injured and somehow manages to stow himself away on the aeroplane. Will he unwittingly spread the disease to the HND colony? Will this spell the end of any possible cure for the remaing survivors?

    Survivors has been dramatic and exciting and the seasons are just too short. A superb episode and will keep me waiting for the season 3 return.