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short sum up so far...

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    First season:

    I'm a bigtime fan of Terry Nations series Survivors, but the remake was something of a disappointment. I have never seen a more cynical and lazy attempt at genre television. Its like the BBC thought "Oh that sci-fi, lot will watch anything" and then put no effort in. Hopefully with hindsight the series writers can avoid the pitfalls of the 1st series. I felt that it became a dull soap opera of sorts towards the end of the first season. score 4.5.

    Second season:

    fist of all we was never 100% sure there was going to be a second season at all. when we see how bad the first season did. but the second season starts of with a bang. the first episode of season 2 is very good, second episode is also good, but then it fall into dullness.... this dont hold up at all its just mediocre, a lazy attempt at Terry Nations Survivors. score 5.

    Third season?

    at the end of season 2 there is for sure an ending that can be continued and a third season made... but by the look of it now, it seems like we only will get a two season of this mediocre show.

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