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  • Good show, but...

    I find it a bit aggravating that only the bad guys have guns! When the main group finally gets their hands on a gun, the man with it is kicked out, even though their matriarch was kidnapped by men with guns, and another leader in the same group was shot! Wholly unrealistic. After weeks of foraging and surviving run-ins with bad guys with guns, never once have they stopped and said, "We bloody well better arm ourselves, or else we're going to keep being victimized!" Maybe it's just because I'm an American, whose second nature is wrapped in the Second Amendment, and my refusal to be a victim. But come on! Get some damn guns and kick some damn a$$!
  • Survivors! Continue Please!!

    I really would like to see what happens next. Please continue the series, I thought was great show! I am hoping to see the third series:) Never give up and keep going forward! I understand that was poorly viewed. But I am here when the next Series come out.

  • Where is The Third one?? We are begging for !!

    I Think that they can wait to make more series! When you starts something please keep doing until you finished. All of us and a lot of people are waiting for! Please if the prod or dir can't he or she can selled for the viewers even though didn't win werever thought, sometimes we need to lost to win.
  • Loved this Series!

    Due to my low opinion of BBC dramas I had low expectations going in, but this series is well worth the watch. And the good news is that the final episode did end with a major cliffhanger. The major loose ends were tied up and most of the characters were in the position to be reset in the 3rd series if there ever was one.

    By far my best Netflix find yet. Highly recommended!
  • Makings of a Great Series

    I just caught the first episode of Series 1, and I have to say I was impressed. It looks like another great series from the BBC. The characters are believable and the storyline and scenario, are very interesting. What happens when the earth is hit by a Flu pandemic, the sort of thing that scientists have been warning us about for years. I cannot wait to see the series and shall look forward to watching all series 1 & 2.

    C'mon - if you can't give us a 3rd year - at least give us a movie and wrap it all up! I marathon watched season 1 & 2 on Netflix and I'm hungry for much, much more!!!!!


    please get the 3rd series!!
  • Found via Netflix

    This was WAY too good to cancel.

    Strong writing, wonderful cast, perfect basic plot and well done shots all around. This was one of my best finds on the entirety of Netflix.
  • The Little TV Show Gold Mine

    OK, The First episode did not seem to be almost as I the cast did not have that synergy that some shows have right off. With that said after the second episode I was was that book you could not put down. The cast is great, the acting is fantastic and it really reaches into the dark bowel of humanity what we do, how we lose and how to get it back. It really showed how everyone would deal differently in losing and gaining one humanity. I am shocked that this show has not been picked ! One would think that it is stupid to watch a canceled TV show but they did give a some what nice neat conclusion with a bit of a twist at the end. So I would recommend this movie, you will enjoy get past the first would of rated a 10 but the first episode was a bit of a miss so a 9 I give

    You know family guy had poor ratings when it came out, but people just didnt know about it.

    Once word got out it was huge! Same goes for this show thanks to netflix people are talking about this Loved it, please do us all a favor and bring it back. Tom is the man... Want to slap peter though! BRING IT BACK cant leave us hanging

    Found this on Netflix and am watching the last episode tomorrow night. Can't believe they cancelled this gem. Why put so many reality shows (that are shit btw) on TV and cancel the best dramas?! Shows how intelligent the majority of people are in the Uk lately. -_-
  • OMG What a Show

    My family found it on Netflix. We are hooked. Love it!!! I just read a post that said it was canceled WHAT!!!!

  • Loved it

    I'm sorry they axed it.

    Please bring it back.

  • Wishing for Season 3

    I never heard of this series until I came across it on Netflix. I started to watch it because the describtion was good. I started to watch it and finish both the first and second season in one day. I was so intersested to find out when the thrid season was coming out. Disappointed to here the BBC has cancelled the series. Here in New York, I thought it was an amazing series all around.

  • WOW! Watching season 2 now. This is beyond bad. It's amazing how stupid our heroes are. I want the last 9 hours of my life back. I might sue the producers of this rubbish.


    This series had all the potential in the world, which only proves that those producing it have little talent, and or allow liberal ideology to trump common sense.

    Chief among their obvious mistakes comes when this group decides that living in an anarchy is possible to do without guns. Obviously the liberal mindset is hard at work here. Then, those who do have guns seem loathe to use least while the camera is on them.

    Oddly, everyone seems a wee bit too civilized in this unrealistic fiction piece. I mean seriously, do you really think anything is realistic in this movie? Armed groups of men allowing beautiful women to be on their merry way? Not hardly. Women will need protecting, especially young beautiful women. Tribalism will be the new world order, at least in the short term. Beautiful women will be the property of the strong. You don't have to like that fact but it is true. In a world where many people have gone feral, it will be a fight for survival, and so if you are not strong enough to fight for what is yours, it will be taken away from you.

    This show has cliche a plenty though and it doesn't just stop with wimpy thugs carrying all of the guns. Big business is of course targets as the root of all evil. Christians, or anyone willing to listen to a Christian ideology is of course portrayed as weak minded and gullible, while of course, a young Muslim boy is portrayed as fiercely independent and intelligent for his age.

    Let's not forget the fact that the two strongest "civilized" leaders of groups of people are of course women, Abby and the Minister. Couldn't have any wise old white men, now could we. No, the only leadership we see by men is erratic, selfish, and or driven by evil thuggery, as with the wimpy thug, Dexter.

    The streets always seemed overly clear, considering the fact that people were given warnings, even if in the end. Face it, panic would ensue and people would not thing clearly. Looting would ensue, people would flee the cities and try to make their way to the homes of relatives living in the country or smaller towns. That may not be rational and surely not everyone would do this but enough would try so as to clog the streets with cars. Streets are only able to handle a small percent of the population at any given time.

    Next, even weeks after this, the people seem to not be very productive. And they seem to toss away chances at survival very casually. Not very realistic in this sense. people who have grown up in a world with as much infrastructure as we have today would cling desperately to infrastructure that is offered to them. Here is where the Liberal mindset seems to go off track in this series. It is suddenly bad for everyone to pull their own weight or be excommunicated. Yes, the Minister, Samantha Willis has the right idea that you have to start to come together and work for the common good, and this is coming from a right leaning independent Yank. ;)

    Even with 99% of the world's population gone, the food stores wouldn't last very long. Truth is, you would have to carefully ration them because it might be as much as two years before you start seeing crops of your own hand growing in a field.

    With 1% of the population left it would be possible though not easy to save civilization and the reality is that only those who are willing to work hard would be able to participate. All others would have to be shut out. Triage would be the order of the day and misfits would reduce your chances of survival.

    In a world such as this, doctors, engineers, farmers, mechanics, carpenters, etc., all will be very valuable to the rebuilding of civilization. Holistic medical practitioners will be especially valuable. Educating each other would be very important but education would be far less broad in it's scope.

    I have to admit thought that this series mildly entertains me on netflix. Mainly because it only serves to spur my imagination of how a world such as this would really operate in such circumstances. Clearly though, it would not operate like this fictional series wants you to believe.

  • I'm gonna start sending nuts to the jericho producers again!!! (The yanks do catastrophic events so much better)

    I'm to young at 35 to remember the original version of this comedy, but quite how a flu virus can wipe out 90 per cent of the population overnight had me laughing so hard i had to continue watching. Episode 2 didnt dissapoint. a gang of 5 armed with 1 rifle, where so desperate after a few days that they felt the need to expropriate the only supermarket in town (and it was a netto) which makes me wonder did the big 4 UK supermarkets get to watch a preview and decide they didnt want to be assosiated?
    Currently getting pretty good ratings this just proves you can throw any crap down peoples throats during the cold winter months.
    I'll keep watching for next episodes big joke and in the blind hope that freema agyeman is in fact still alive and has just gone back in time with The Doctor to find a cure for this drivel.
    oh and 1 more thing...If 90 percent of the population has been wiped, out there should still be more than 600 million left. So how come we've only seen about 10. And they still don't seem worried about getting the flu.
  • A post-pandemic character-driven survivalist series of trite-and-testing sub-genre clichés...

    British screenwriter Adrian Hodges ("Primeval" & "The Sally Lockhart Mysteries"), working under the auspices of BBC executive producer Sue Hogg ("Lark Rise to Candleford" & "Waking the Dead"), resurrects Terry Nation's post-pandemic survivalist series (insert book for legal reasons) in this short-lived modern update intended to cash-in on contemporary concerns.

    A virulent mutation of the influenza virus wipes out 99% of the world's population overnight leaving the matriarchal Abby Grant (Julie Graham) to head up a rag tag band of Mancunian pandemic survivors struggling to, well, survive following the breakdown of society as we know it, or whatever passes for such in Manchester, in the somewhat simplistic set-up to this series.

    Julie Graham ("Bonekickers"), whose career has mysteriously survived her previous outing for the channel, continues to annoy as the suburban housewife, whose constant griping for her missing son will permanently ingrain the name Peter on one of the more twisted parts of your psyche, providing an anchor for the testosterone soaked machismo of Max Beesley and Paterson Joseph.

    Zoe Tapper shows surprising talent hitherto untapped in her previous television outings at the head of a seemingly tokenistic supporting cast which as well as her turn as a bisexual Polish doctor includes the ever entertaining Phillip Rhys and the brilliant young Chahak Patel as a mismatched Muslim double-act and the superfluous to requirements Robyn Addison.

    A feature-length pilot episode somewhat over-hurriedly wipes out the requisite guest cast far too quickly to establish any sense of surprise before unceremoniously dumping the regular cast, including a belatedly introduced Paterson Joseph, on a curiously empty motorway layby just in time for a quick twist to convince the viewers that something more interesting is coming. The first season plods along in the wake of the pilot along much the same lines as the regular cast, including an even more belatedly introduced and curiously unnecessary Robyn Addison, all the necessary elements to lead into the end-of-season cliff-hanger in a series on seemingly cynically plotted encounters with the likes of Nikki Amuka-Bird and Anthony Flanagan.

    The creators' re-imagination of Nation's admittedly far from classic creation have stripped it of all the day-to-day post-apocalyptic lifestyle stuff which made the original original and left a rather drab and un-engaging group of characters attempting to drive a character-driven drama through a by now overly-familiar landscape of trite-and-testing sub-genre clichés. "It turns the body's immune system in on itself."
  • Snooza-Palooza

    This show is dull and completely predictable. It's been done before and so much better. Anyone who's ever seen the tv show Jericho will say the same thing, and even that wasn't enough to keep viewers interested beyond a handful of episodes. In this painfully pale incarnation, they offer dull characters that nobody cares about. They've no range of emotion or acting skill for that matter. They give considerably more meat to the meanies, but they're far too sniveling and hisssing and become comical. I mean 1 gun in all of the UK? Who is the target audience here? First graders who don't know any better perhaps, but anyone with half an imagination could produce a much better show. No, they don't need to pull the plug on this stinker, they need to feed it some cyanide so at least it'll feel some of the agony it's inflicted on the viewers.
  • Season one was good not great but season two has been amazing so far.

    After the second episode of season two I can't wait to see the following show. In season one, I liked it but didn't rush to watch each show. It was more character development than events. Season two is all action or heavily dramatic events with an exceedingly more interesting and complex plot line.

    All of the events from season one are now coming into play nicely and we don't have to sit through boring dialogue like in season one to understand what's going on. If you were thinking on giving up on the show after season one then I encourage you to give season 2 a try before writing it off. 7 thumbs up for this shows dramatic improvement in season two.
  • Good apocalyptic drama from the BBC.

    Despite the really rather poor reviews this show has received, we have thoroughly enjoyed it as a piece of escapism from the BBC on a tuesday evening. I have watched the first 2 episodes now and thought they were both interesting to watch. The characters are beginning to be fleshed out now and there is some idea of the horrifying situations that the survivors are going to face as the processed food and bottled water runs out and the people get more and more desperate.

    Although I never saw the 1975 version, I watched this with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.
  • I was soooo looking forward to this.

    First season:

    I'm a bigtime fan of Terry Nations series Survivors, but the remake was something of a disappointment. I have never seen a more cynical and lazy attempt at genre television. Its like the BBC thought "Oh that sci-fi, lot will watch anything" and then put no effort in. Hopefully with hindsight the series writers can avoid the pitfalls of the 1st series. I felt that it became a dull soap opera of sorts towards the end of the first season. score 4.5.

    Second season:

    fist of all we was never 100% sure there was going to be a second season at all. when we see how bad the first season did. but the second season starts of with a bang. the first episode of season 2 is very good, second episode is also good, but then it fall into dullness.... this dont hold up at all its just mediocre, a lazy attempt at Terry Nations Survivors. score 5.

    Third season?
  • Here we go again! - What is happening to the world of television - and will we survive the Survivors?

    Survivors!!! Oh dear, why BBC why? The pre titles stated created and written by Adrian Hodges – Based on the "book" by Terry Nation – well it is news to me it was a book before it was the original series –can't you even get that right!!!!!

    But I thought – at last a piece of television that will not corrupt established history – unlike the majority of the continued boring BBC output of "period" pieces!

    The original Surviviors series (1975-1977) created by Terry Nation was all done on very poor OB VT – looked complete washed out, the cast were even more uninteresting then than the current incumbents – there was never any mention of (a la the final moments of this one) of some unknown form of protagonist that has released the virus purely to exterminate 90% of humanity for no good reason rather than perhaps the credit crunch or over priced spuds. The continued very expensive aerial travelogue shots of an empty London only seem to prove increasing the congestion charge does work with a large does of flu. The use of Mr Beluga Eating Crystale Drinking pseudo Kuwaiti good looker suffering from a case of BCSD – or Big Car Small D**k – was very annoying. The black girl from "Doctor Who" didn't last long perhaps that is a sign that they will have guest refugees from all the period and "Who" pieces they have not been able to find other parts for in other productions turning up for a quickie to keep the wolf from the door. Max Beesley seemed to treat his prison like "HOtel Babylon" and having "escaped" will of course become the hero over the next five weeks and find a cure! The actress from "Bonekickers" seems to have had survived from the destruction her career from that load of tosh! I also notice one of the contenders for the next Dr Who, Paterson Joseph also appeared – well if his performance in this lamentable production is anything to go by, he will not ensure then continued success of the sainted Dr Who by become the first black guy to play the part. He is too lightweight and does not have the charisma and eccentricity of an actor for this iconic part!

    And I see Andy Pryor CDG – a member of The Casting Director's Guild ( who also cats Dr Who. Tprchwood, Sarah Jane, Life on Mars, Cutting It, Our frinds in the north – amongst many others oh and Trainspotting) cast this one as well – shame on you Mr Prior why do you make your job so easy when you continue to cast the same people in everything? The Spotlight Actors Directory has over 30000 possibilities surely he could manage to use a little bit more imagination?

    Lastly the original series lasted for three series of some 38 episodes and that was really pushing it – luckily this only last for 6 episodes unless the BBC have the audacity to really milk this one from the cast of goats that I am sure Mr Pryor will be casting from his own herd for a further two series?

    Marc Sinclair
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