Sushi Pack

CBS (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Sushi Roll Model / Fair Share, For Sure
      Sushi Roll Model: A reporter makes the Sushi Pack seem like bad role models, so they do their best to reverse their image. Fair Share, For Sure: When the gang collectively purchases a gift, they squabble over it.
    • In Hot Water / Much Ado About Tako
    • From the Planet Citrus / Lights On, Lights Off
    • Disappearing Act / Wicked Waste Wisps
      Disappearing Act: Sugar Jimmy is back. This time, he's creating evil cartoon characters and bringing them to life to help him commit a number of robberies. Wicked Waste Wisps: Sir Darkley creates a bunch of foul smelling ghosts that brain-wash people into littering.
    • Donut Who Dunit / Sushi at the Center of the Earth
    • Ben's Law / Where No Truth Lies
    • Respectable Delectable Star of Light / Star So Bright
    • Pants on Fire / The Wrong Sushi
      Pants on Fire: After being hit by Unagi's lighting bolts, the Sushi Pack all get new super powers. Except for Ikura, who claims that his power is way awesome so he doesn't feel left out. The Wrong Sushi: The Sushi Pack are framed for hijacking a bus full of basketball players, when in reality, the whole thing is a plan made up by Titanium Chef so he can steal a trophy from the upcoming basketball finals without the Sushi Pack getting in his way.moreless
    • Sushi vs. the Food-Fighting Force / Everybody is Somebody
      Sushi vs. the Food-Fighting Force: Oleander creates her own mini super heroes out of deep fried foods to destroy the Sushi Pack. Everybody is Somebody: Wasabi switches bodies with the Mayor after a magical dust is sprinkled on them.
    • Sushis of a Certain Stature / A Very Big Deal
      Sushis of a Certain Stature: The Sushi Pack hear that a statue of a superhero will be made in the park. They think it's them but then get jealous when they find out that the statue is really for Kato Platypus. The sushis have to put their jeaoulsy aside when Kato Platypus is kidnapped by Apex. A Very Big Deal: Ikura gets hit by a ray that turns him into a giant. He thinks it's great at first, but he soon learns that being huge isn't all it's cracked up to be.moreless
    • Collect 'Em All / Jigsaw Sushi
      Collect 'Em All: The sushis are excited by the release of new Aquabot toys. Jigsaw Sushi: Baron Von Loudly tries to trap the Sushi Pack.
    • Near Miss / Mirror Schmirror
      Ikura leads his friends into a trap set by the Titanium Chef.
    • Sushi Express / Ring-a-Ding-Ding
      Sushi Express: Despite Kani's rational thinking, Ikura freaks out because his Aquaboy action figure is missing. Ring-a-Ding-Ding: When Kani is chosen to be the ring bearer at The Crowned Princess of Power and Fantastic Fellow's wedding, she struggles with how she should dress.
  • Season 1