Suspense (1962)

Season 2 Episode 35

See the Monkey Dance

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Aug 26, 1963 on BBC

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  • Off for a dirty weekend in the country, a self-confident Londoner is disconcerted by the strange man he meets on the train, and before the day is out, he has connived in murder.

    This clever play by Lewis Davidson was done a second time only a few months later on American TV, as a segment of "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" - the script, again credited to Davidson, was trimmed slightly but otherwise unchanged, and Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Roddy McDowall and Patricia Medina took the roles played in this original version by John Gregson, William Lucas and Jean Harvey. It's a comeuppance story, with the randy self-assurance of the irresponsible lover being gradually destroyed by his encounters, each creepier than the last, with the seeming madman who claims to be his predatory mistress's husband. Which of the two men is the "dancing monkey" (an insult flung at the inmates of Bedlam in less enlightened times), and who will end up dead once night falls?