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  • Season 6
    • Goodbye New York
      Goodbye New York
      Episode 100

      Ray Gardner is unable to find work because of a contract with his ruthless ex-boss. In a move of desperation, he kills the man and steals some money. His wife, Mary, stands by him, but knows they can not stay in New York. The two spend a paranoid day trying to make it onto an out of town train without being noticed.

    • Barn Burning
      Barn Burning
      Episode 50
      In the series finale, a psychotic war hero who returns to his life as a southern sharecropper, then seeks revenge against society at large.
    • The Iron Cop
      The Iron Cop
      Episode 49
      A cop who's on the verge of retirement takes on one final investigation: determining the murderer of his niece. In the process, he must out-think a new "electronic brain".
    • The Last Stand
      The Last Stand
      Episode 48
      A reculse finds his isolation endangered when his best friend discovers gold on his property. He decides that the only way to preserve is privacy is to silence his friend but his murder plan is interrupted by fast-spreading news.
    • Main Feature: Death
      A woman mistakenly becomes locked inside a theater and searches for a way out. In the process, she discovers a pair of criminals hard at work. Her efforts to call the police tip off the robbers that they aren't alone in the building.
    • Once a Killer
      Once a Killer
      Episode 46
      A young woman makes the mistake of putting her faith in a hoodlum and learns a sad lesson.
    • Conversation at an Inn
      A female bicyclist loves to make up fantastic tales of murder based on "clues" she finds. When her bike breaks down at an inn, she spins an elaborate tale based on a shoe and a lighter she just found. The story rings much truer than she expected.
    • The Girl in Car Thirty-Two
      On board a train, a detective is shadowing a woman who is transporting stolen jewels. The investigator puts his life in danger when develops an affection for the young woman.
    • The Hunted
      The Hunted
      Episode 43
      A hunter with questionable morals is caught shooting semi-tame animals in a wildlife refuge. The game warden who catches the playboy hunter hands down an unusual sentence. The hunter is given three bullets and a ten-minute head start. The warden keeps one bullet for his personal big game hunt.
    • String
      Episode 42
      This docu-drama tells the story of the secret 30-man unit President Roosevelt utilized during World War II. The group's leader, Douglas Stringfellow, and five other men were captured and tortured at the Belsen concentration camp before eventually escaping.
    • The Pistol Shot
      The Pistol Shot
      Episode 41
      In 19th century Russia, an army captain is determined to get revenge upon a fellow officer who always betters him in cards and love.
    • North Side
      North Side
      Episode 40
      Dramatization of an actual event which took place in New York City, involving a squad of homicide detectives and their investigation of a brutal killing.
    • Race Against Murder
      During the 1910s, a doctor becomes frustrated watching his young patients suffer the agony of polio. He quits his practice and devotes his time to finding a cure for the disease.
    • Fingerprint
      Episode 38
      Dramatization of the true story of Alfonse Bertillon, who was chief of the Identification Bureau during the early 20th century in Paris. His inventions and techniques changed the way police gathered evidence in criminal investigations.
    • Breakout
      Episode 37
      A guard is taken hostage when a prison riot breaks out. The prisoners want the keys to the main gate in exchange for the guard's life. The guard who is holding the keys has more than just a riot on his mind; the man they're holding threatening to kill has been having an affair with his wife.moreless
    • Operation: Nightmare
      In honor of Armed Forces Week, this episode dramatizes the true story of nurse Ann Bernatitus and her heroic work during the Battle of Bataan. Lt. Bernatitus, the first Naval receipient of the Legion of Honor, will appear in the show's closing.
    • Smoke
      Episode 35
      The residents of a sleepy southern town are convinced that a crotchety landowner was murdered by one of his twin sons. The local prosecutor, however, has no evidence to charge his chief suspect with the crime. That's when he sets a trap involving a safe deposit box and cigar smoke.
    • The Terror Begins
      The Terror Begins
      Episode 34
      Based on actual events, this is the story of how Stalin tightened his hold on the people of Russia. After having S. M. Kirov assassinated, he was able to hang the murder on his old friends and justify his infamous blood purge.
    • The Return Journey
      The Return Journey
      Episode 33
      A window washer spies a bundle of unguarded money through a 12th story office window. Giving in to temptation, he grabs the money and carries it away in his bucket. He quickly realizes the wrong he's committed and decides to return the money before anyone notices. This proves much tougher as he manages a maze of problems include a jammed elevator and a window ledge.moreless
    • Operation: Barracuda
      The heartless captain of a German u-boat crashes his vessel along the Atlantic coast at the close of WWII. Only the captain and his lieutenant escape the sinking vessel containing the personal fortune of Nazi leader Herman Goering. After eight years, the captain returns to salvage the loot and tries to recruit his former shipmate in the effort.moreless
    • Torment
      Episode 31
      The wife of a condemned man tries to save his life, appealing to a Communist police official for his help.
    • The Tenth Reunion
      The Tenth Reunion
      Episode 30
      Only five of six couples return to their college for a tenth anniversary reunion. The group realizes that the missing person, the school's "queen of the ball" hasn't been seen since the night of graduation. Flashing back to that night, it becomes clear that she met with foul play and that each of the attendees had motives to be permantly rid of her.moreless
    • The Fourth Degree
      The Fourth Degree
      Episode 29
      Just days before his trial, a small-time criminal kidnaps the wife of the the state's key witness. Unable to convince him to reval the woman's whereabouts, the d.a. calls in a psychologist hoping he can coax out the answer.
    • Before the Act
      Before the Act
      Episode 28
      The robbery of a small-town bank vault is being plotted and the thieves plan to pin the $100,000 theft on one of the bank's officials.
    • I Do Solemnly Swear
      Nancy Kelly plays a woman who arrives in the frontier town of Laramie, Wyoming to find the man she was engaged to marry has been killed and the murderer has been acquitted. After more murders, she takes action, resulting in the United States' first female juror, serving in 1870.
    • Death On The Screen
      A physician's wife is glued to her TV set to watch her husband receive the Doctor of the Year award at a televised banquet. As the camera pans around the audience, she's horrified to recognize one of her husband's former patients--a crazed man who once vowed to kill him.
    • The Execution
      The Execution
      Episode 25
      After receiving word of her son's death in the Korean War, a mother reveals his involvement in a decade old tragedy.
    • The Moonstone
      The Moonstone
      Episode 24
      A huge diamond, removed from an Asian idol, is inherited by a young woman. She also inherits the curse that comes with it.
    • The Man Who Wouldn't Talk
      George DuPre claimed to be a courageous Special Operations executive during WWII. Quentin Reynolds, who narrarates this episode, wrote a 1953 book that chronicled his brave exploits at the hands of the Nazis. Holes in DuPre's story soon are questioned and his adventures are exposed as lies.
    • An Affair With a Ghost
      A member of the French Underground comes back from the grave when a group is held hostage by a Nazi collaborator.
    • The Haunted
      The Haunted
      Episode 21

      A man brings his second wife to the site of his first wife's death: a ski lodge in Quebec. The husband talks his wife into skiing up a dangerous trail to the mountain's summit. That's where the circumstances of the late wife's death are revealed, much to her horror.

    • The Scrap Iron Curtain
      True story of a machinist who constructed his own armored vehicle and drove his family across the Czech lines into the freedom of West Germany.
    • Diamonds In The Sky
      A trans-Atlantic pilot has no idea of the trouble brewing on his flight when a group of smugglers, diamonds and a gorgeous woman are put together.
    • Mr. Nobody
      Mr. Nobody
      Episode 18
      A good-hearted but naive tramp becomes a pawn for a malevolent wealthy, murderous woman he meets.
    • The Gift of Fear
      The Gift of Fear
      Episode 17
      In an effort to get her young son to behave a department store's toy department, she tells him that bad children are locked in a closet by a mean watchhman. Later, the child slips out of the house and returns to the store to buy his mom's present. His timing is bad and he's locked in at closing, spending the whole night trying to escape the "scary" night watchman.moreless
    • Cagliostro and the Chess Player
      Count Alessandro di Cagliostro, cunning 19th century magician, engages Poland's King Stanislaus in a game with his mechanical chess player. While the King is occupied, the Count conducts a love affair with a beautiful countess, convincing her to run away with him--bringing along her valuable jewels, of course. Underestimating King Stanislaus' brilliant knowledge of chess, however, insures Cagliostro's downfall.moreless
    • Day Never Came
      Day Never Came
      Episode 15
      In 1948 Shanghai, an accused spy is jailed at an American Marine station. Sure that his fiance is the reason for his arrest, the prisoner plans to escape, murder her, and then return to his cell.
    • Laugh It Off
      Laugh It Off
      Episode 14
      A kind-hearted man ignores his friends' warnings to steer clear of a woman who's a chronic liar. He believes her story of being marked for death and does his best to protect her.
    • My Short Walk to Freedom
      This episode is based on the true story of Geza Garamy, a Hungarian who escapes a Communist concentration camp. After punching out an officer, he puts on the uniform and simply walks out of the gate. The complications arise when he tries to elude the inevitable search and escape safely from the city.moreless
    • The Newcomer
      The Newcomer
      Episode 12
      A full-of-himself stranger arrives in a small western town and proceeds to critize the locals and their backward ways. Trying to impress a young woman at a local bar, he tells her that he's only out for himself and she should think the same way. When the girl is murdered, he suddenly finds himself looking at prison.moreless
    • Needle in a Haystack
      This episode tells of the amphibious landing of U. S. Marine troops at Wonsan, Korea during the fall of 1950. An American officer travels behind the enemy lines to gather information that allowed Navy minesweepers to clear Wonsan Harbor and 22,000 Marine soldiers to land.
    • The Interruption
      The Interruption
      Episode 10
      An Englishman who's killed his wife believes he's gotten away with the crime...until the housekeeper begins to blackmail him. He then begins plotting her demise.
    • The Others
      The Others
      Episode 9
      A young married woman accompanies her husband to their recently purchased country estate during a blizzard. She is horrified by the hallucinations she has of a ghostly family inhabiting the house.
    • The Valley of the Kings
      An archeological expedition discover the undisturbed tomb of Egyptian King Tuimose filled with incredible treasures. The royal plunder comes with a curse from the pharoah promising ill to anyone disturbing his grave. An American reporter along on the expedition attempts to explain the bizarre happenings.
    • The Accounting
      The Accounting
      Episode 7
      In the French Army, the son of a decorated military figure is a corrupt supply captain who forges receipts for his mistress. A dedicated major is offended by how he's soiling his family's name and challenges him to a duel.
    • Death at Skirkerud Pond
      Based on the actual case, a jury decides if it was murder or patriotism at a 1946 trial in Norway. During World War II, two Norwegian underground members killed two other countrymen to help slow the resistance movement. The jury's actual verdict is revealed at the end.
    • The Sisters
      The Sisters
      Episode 5
      After shopping for her own casket and picking one for her future use, a woman returns home to her naive younger sister. The young woman refuses to believe her older sister's proclamations that she's mentally unbalanced. The truth is, the elder sister is jealous of her engagement.
    • The Riddle of Mayerling
      This drama is based on the true story of Marna Vetsera, a patriot whose love inspires Archduke Rudolph of Hapsburg to join the movement to free Hungary in 1881. Rudolph is constantly doing battle with the prime minister of Austria, and their rivalry reaches its climax at a hunting lodge in Mayerling.moreless
    • The Darkest Night
      Blackmail and murder at a frightened bride-to-be's wedding shower sends her fleeing into the night.
    • Reign of Terror
      Reign of Terror
      Episode 2
      During the French Revolution, an innocent woman is sentenced to death by guillotine.
    • Paradise Junction
      Actual sideshow performers are featured (tattooed man, fire eater, strong man) in this tale of life behind the scenes in a small circus.
    • 1954 Parade of Stars Auto Show
      Irene Dunne hosts Auto-Lite's third Parade of Stars Auto Show from the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. Sitting with Auto-Lite president Royce G. Martin, she chats with automobile executives while their new cars are pitched by models and actresses. Performing are Army harpist Lloyd Lindroth, and vocalist Bill Jones singing "Old Man River" with the Air Force Symphony Orchestra, and guest conductor by John Yesulaitis. At the close, Irene presents a check for $28,000 raised at that night's benefit dinner for the Armed Services Relief Fund.moreless
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